Friday, 25 May 2018

Tuesday - The GUV

About a dozen of us in on another lovely day, and my first day back in after an excellent week in Exmoor.

There was quite a push to get as much done as possible on the GUV. With so much else to do we need to get this completed and back out asap. Maurice, Stu and Adrian got going with the air sanders and removed more of the horrible graffiti on the Cotswold side of the coach.

On the Malvern side Cheryl continued the maroon top coating; she was later joined by Keith and this side was completed. There's nothing fancy about this job - no filling unless absolutely necessary, the main aim being to present a tidy appearance when the vehicle is out in the yard. While all this was going on Bob and I covered the stored shelving inside with polythene.

The first train of the day was a little late. However a strange sounding hooter immediately had us running outside to see the S160 pounding by. This is the first of the Gala visitors and no doubt was being given a test run.

Being a nice day it was so easy just to sit down in the sun, so when the train had gone a photo of the Tuesday gang seemed very appropriate. L-to-R Stu, Adrian, Maurice, Bob, Keith, Cheryl and Dennis. Missing are Richard Stone who was in the Workshop and Richard Hoy who was away for the day


With the sanding down completed on the Cotswold side, it was wiped down with thinners. Nearby Stu is using some paint stripper to remove graffiti from the windows.

Adrian and Bob were cleaning up the south end buffers prior to painting this area.

At the north end, Maurice and Dennis applied oxide then wire brushed rusty parts and then added black gloss.

Undercoating completed on the Cotswold side, with the sole bar black glossed to remove even more graffiti. Still a bit to do yet, but it is coming along very well.

Earlier on Bob and Dennis were measuring up the various bits of gutter strip that will need to be put back on. The removal of this is the main cause of the leakages.


In the Workshop Richard Stone was tidying up the welds on a new framework that will be a store for small parts removed during wagon refurbishments. This was later moved into the Paintshop for painting up.

During the morning we were visited by Tim Dalziel from our Cleaning Team. Cheryl took him on a tour of the Works.


The main train on its way back from Cheltenham with the S160 very loudly blowing off steam - conversation was impossible! When they arrived during the war, these locos soon gained quite a reputation for sudden very violent blowing off as aptly described in Harry Gasson's excellent footplate autobiographies when he was a fireman at Didcot. Apparently it was not unknown for them to remove footbridge planking!

A nice surprise when I got to Minehead last week to find the other preserved S160 in residence.


The highlight of my week away had to be my three visits to the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. Whoever would have thought that one day you would be able to see a sight like this, 83 years after the line closed in 1935. The recreated Baldwin "Lyn" and the set of four rebuilt L & B coaches (a fifth is on the way). I am also a member of the L&BR but distance and the calls of C&W prevent me volunteering down there.


Report by Dave Clark

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David Priest said...

Also a member of L&B, great railway and a great achievement so far down there