Thursday, 3 May 2018

Tuesday - Really coming along

We had 12 in on a pleasant day, just right for running a fire drill, which was duly done just after our morning break. A lot of concentration on our two goods vehicles today which are really coming along now..

With the roof canvas on the LMS guards van nicely stretched, Stu begins trimming the Malvern side. When completed this was stapled to the underneath of the roof edge. The job was repeated on the opposite side, leaving just the two ends.

Then on with the very sticky waterproof paint. A second coat will be applied later in the week.


With the roof done Maurice and Stu were back on the ground and getting stuck into handrail top coating.

At the other end of the Paintshop Cheryl primed the door planking for the china clay wagon.

Next a sequence showing Alex doing a splendid signwriting job on the china clay wagon. The French chalk imprint from the tracing paper can be clearly seen as he begins the "Return" notice.

 Coming back for another photo a bit later on and he is half way through the sign..

The completed job with the old version underneath. It was then round to the other side to repeat the whole process. He later moved on to second coating the wagon numbers and other signs on both this and the LMS guards van that he had done on Saturday.
Looking more like a "christmas tree", the wagon ended up festooned in notices and a cut length of the canvas from the guards van roof. Most of the notices and the canvas are to give our Upholstery team guidance in what is required when they sew the various sections together
Both vehicles at the end of the day, with Alex in the distance second coating his numbers.

Moving on to DMU 51405 with Adrian doing yet more general sanding. That's the problem with prep work, it seems endless and there's still a lot to do.

Inside Richard is adding more filler to the sections of lower ceiling where the old vinyl was stuck. Removing the old glue leaves a roughened surface so some filler helps to ease this out. Similarly some of the cracks and splits are also being filled. It all "disappears" and looks great once a good coating of gloss white has been applied as borne out by our work in the other three units.

And the list of jobs goes on. This is no longer just a board for the Wednesday group when I am not usually in to allocate work. Item 6 refers to the latest area where water ingress has wrecked the inner window frame and area underneath.

In the Barn John was checking the tyre profiles of the wheelsets for this bogie. He later had a run down to Cheltenham and back on the main rake assessing where some flats had been reported and checking on some other issues.

Back to the Workshop to find Tony working on more sliders from TSO 4986. All have been carefully labelled to ensure their return to the same windows.

Cleaning the inserts from the upper part of the slider channel.

In the Upholstery shop Vivien strips moquette from more of the seat side panels from TSO 4986.

Finally I continued giving the edges of the panels in the Paintshop a second sanding to removed every last scrap of the old varnish.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

A great deal achieved. Well done.
And respect to Alex with his lettering. (Fowey is less than 4 miles from me).
The DMU continues to 'get there', although the list seems endless!
Would be nice to restore the original lighting in the DMU but I dare not suggest any more work for it!
Regards, Paul.