Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tuesday - Blue Day

It was lovely blue skies, 20c temperature and just the right amount of breeze in the barn......

for Adrian and Phil to do some power sanding on the graffiti covered CCT coach

 Grey and more grey on the graffiti coach, Stu and Maurice... 

Malvern side now in grey

Elsewhere Cheryl was painting the ceiling in the DMU

while Vivien, relieved of anything to do in the upholstery shop, did some gardening round  the station instead.

Having completed the painting on the CCT Stu and Maurice moved onto the LMS brake painting the roof beadings

and other bits of touching up. Keith, fine detail on the LMS

Thanks to Richard Stone for the report and Pictures today.

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Lee said...

Thought I'd alert you to this article that came out today, as one of the items mentioned is a carrige jack from Swindon works. Might be worth forwarding to other heritage farm/traction engine groups as I wouldn't trust SBC to run a bath at the moment much less have any idea who to contact about this kind of stuff.