Thursday, 31 May 2018

Tuesday - Back to business

After a spectacular Steam Gala, with nearly 6000 visitors and hence many touring our C&W Works, it was more or less back to normal.

Well not quite normal, with both P&O and Oliver Cromwell running. We have the latter for another week before it has to be returned, so occasional mad dashes outside were the order of the day whenever that chime whistle sounded.

Unless of course you were already working outside. The "graffiti" on the Cotswold side of the 03 shunter, reading from right-to-left, says it all. However at long last we were able to make a start on its desperately needed repaint. Being outside (there is no room in the Works) and often in use, it will be very much a start-stop job, but we will move on as fast as we can.

Two doors were sanded down and undercoated, but the good clean down by Adrian was already a distinct, albeit short-lived, improvement.

With the Fruit C van now inside the Works we could make a start on sorting out all the leaks. The roof was the primary concern, so Richard, Stu and Derek firstly removed the old canvas. With that off, what a sight greeted us - you could put sliced bread through the gaps in some of the existing planks. No wonder we were having problems.

The cowls were removed and they are staying off. We aren't going to make the roof waterproof, only to punch holes back in it!

The end of the day with all the old roofing planks removed. Some good quality T & G will be on order to replace this.

Back to the Barn and some more excellent progress on the GUV, with Cheryl starting the top coating on the Cotswold side.

She was later joined by Keith who almost got to the south end. Another hour should see the job completed.

Meanwhile on the Malvern side at the south end, Alex was continuing his magic.

The end result and what a job he has made of it.

With the correct rivets now available Dennis and Bob could make a start on reinstating the missing gutter strips. Bob drills out the necessary holes

With holes drilled ready, Dennis applies sealant to the gap between the body side and roof.

With the strip in place, Bob uses the air riveter to secure it (sorry about the blur).


The Malvern side was completed and a start made on the Cotswold side.


Report by Dave Clark



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