Sunday, 6 May 2018

Thursday- Still demolishing

A quieter day attendance-wise, but not so in the Paintshop with more of the DMU panelling being cut away. More good progress with the guards van.

It was a lovely warm Spring day and a treat if you were working outside. In the 3rd Rake, Paul Wood and Dennis Richards were busy cleaning after the very successful Wartime Weekend. My timings weren't good as I twice went to get some photos, only to find them returning to the Works - sorry chaps.

More of the bad panelling on DMU 51405 was removed by Brian and Rob.


The completed job all ready for the rebuild with new sheet metal.

At the opposite end of 51405 Roger was removing more of the rotten internal window frame on the Cotswold side.

On the Malvern side Malcolm was applying dark grey undercoat to the side of prep'd roof.

The LMS guards van progressed with Derek adding the roof battening to both sides and the north end. All this will be covered when the second coat of waterproof sealant is painted on.


The three door planks for the china clay wagon were given more top coat by Bob. This was followed with the final coating for the storage box.

Tony and Pat were inside TSO 4986 painting the heating pipes with black Hammerite.

Alan carried on the second sanding of the edges of the seat side panels for 4986. The extra effort here is very well worth doing. With fresh stain and two coats of varnish on the edges and new paint on the face, the side panels will look good with the red chain-link moquette of the re-covered seats.

Report by Dave Clark

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