Friday, 11 May 2018

Thursday - In the frame

A good number attending in a general spread around the Works.

Beginning with the DMU, Alan and Roger were back on the internal window frames. There's a lot to do with these.

Some simply involve cleaning up and a repaint - one of these is being done by Roger. Others need to partially rebuilt having suffered from water ingress, so our woodworkers will be busy.

Bob continued the sanding down of the seat side panels for TSO 4986.

 Another of his jobs was to add the final top coat to this side and edges of the three remaining planks for the china clay wagon. In the foreground is Roger's DMU frame, cleaned up and re-primed

Two doors from TSO 4986. The corridor end slider has been cleaned up and the external side undercoated in cream. The internal compartment door is being sanded down by Paul prior to being given several fresh coats of varnish.


I didn't manage to get photos of Tony and Pat inside 4986, but these two views show the tables gradually being reinstated.

Nearly lunch time with Paul using our signing-in register to see how many teas are required.

"Big Ben" has sounded! Phil and Ian are in the cloakroom for a quick clean up before ascending the stairs to the Mess Room. (if you don't understand 'Big Ben' you haven't experienced the mess room tea bell!!)


John Hamer explains to Derek that the prepared metal sheet is for repairs to the floor in one of the toilets in FK 13329 in the main rake.

Repairs need to be made to the heavy brake mechanism from under the BR Guards Van. Nick explains to Rob that the ends have been bent out of true after years of use.

Nick carefully heats up the offending section. When nearly ready Rex places the metal tube over the end and equally carefully bends the end back to its correct position. This process will be repeated at the opposite end, and then for the other unit.


More excellent progress on the LMS guards van with Derek adding Creocote to the veranda floors. Not the same as the good old Creosote but it smells similar.

An outside job for John Hamer is to get the hand brake and couplings operational on this warflat wagon prior to it being moved to Broadway. John is in the pit as he tries to free up the hand brake mechanism. Dave Hancox spins the wheel while John assesses it's working. What doesn't help is that the On/Off notices on the Cotswold side are the wrong way round!


The GUV being very spacious is excellent for storage so has been made a temporary home for some new bookcases for the shop. It was easier to load with the entry doors outside of the Barn. At the end of the day Phil shunts the vehicle back inside.


It did give Dave Hancox and myself the chance to work outside for once, very pleasant on a nice day. With a lot if initial sanding down done, Dave and I cleaned up the side with thinners and then I applied red oxide where needed.

Report by Dave Clark

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