Monday, 7 May 2018

Saturday - action day

Another day of great variety and after a check that that really was the sun shining it was an opportunity for some re-organisation round the yard.
So having completed the bogie overhaul John Hamer and Phil covered it and shunted it out of the way until the carriage is ready for it to be put back under it replacing the temporary accommodation bogie currently in place.

The next move was to move the Fruit C van to the end of the barn. it is coming in for roof repairs once wither the China Clay wagon or the LMS brake is completed.

The space on the jack road was then filled by the graffiti covered CCT van recently arrived. This is the in for a paint to get rid of the current d├ęcor!

It has been hidden round the back since its arrivbal for obvious reasons,

The van is actually relatively sound apart from the 2 end door and one corner of the roof.

The Roller shutter van was also moved, basically to put the bogie the other side of it in the siding. However, it did give Christine, Head of Railway catering Services, the chance to sort and move a store of crockery and cutlery from the van to the Tim Mitchell building ready for use. Roped in to assist none other than husband Richard.

John Hill joined Richard Stone measuring up the China Clay wagon for a canvass cover.

and having checked, these really are the last 3 planks for the wagon

Recovered from their storage location the brake rigging frames were brought into the workshop they will ned a bit of |TLC before fitting as the ends are, like most of these things, slightly bent!

Work on 4986 is progressing well with a lot of different things happening to it. Kern has been preparing and has now started fitting the end woods ready for the corridor connection at the south end.

With JohnSquires he was also sorting out the pipe work for the water tank fillers.


Andy was working on the Battery box frames


John Squires was cutting out a section of steel plate

while James was welding up the north end.
Andy was sanding and working on the Cotswold side window frames


while I was doing the Malvern side. The sanded sections are rather obvious

Dave was still sanding the seat ends. Well there are a lot of them. The first one isn't so bad but by the time you get to number 16!

Steve was making yet another section of framework for the toilet walls on the carriage.


and Derek was trimming the roof canvass and fitting the securing battens on the roof of the LMS van.
North end...

and south end.


Alistair Kewish said...


Just one s in canvas!

Two ss and it turns you into a hopeful politician.
Ha ha!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

You try and coirdinate the activity of a 120 volunteers! You have to be a politician!

St Blazey 1925 said...

The LMS brake and the china clay vehicles are looking great.
Whilst 4986 is coming along well.
With all the vehicles that are used for storage, how do you keep tabs on what is where? It would be a full time job for a disillusioned stores clerk for the rest of his (or her) life!
Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

With all the vehicles that are used for storage, how do you keep tabs on what is where?

Someone DID suggest that we put a list on the outside as to what was stored inside.

Yeah. Copper tanks stored in here. As if!