Monday, 14 May 2018

Saturday - silence

Well in the paintshop it was with no painters at all. In total we had just 14 attending about half the usual number. I saw a couple of others working the trains and another on signalling duties!

There was plenty of sound in the main workshop with James welding the on the north end of 4986. There is just one stall area left to do at the top by the gutter.

John Squires was adding to the sound level with some more work on the second battery box frame.


In the yard Andy and Ian had a day long battle, first it was the electrical supply in the yard, then the brakes mechanism on the war flat. As the brake  position indicator flatly refused to move the last resort was to cut it into sections and remove each on individually!. They cleaned it all up and tested that each section will now move in its mountings but now there is another job for the welders!


Richard and Paul have got to the jigsaw stage with another set of brake rigging. This the set from the Brake van in the yard. Each part laid out and numbered.

and they have got a cunning plan!

which unlike certain other cunning plans actually seems to be coming together.

In the upholstery shop John Hill and Penny were fitting a yet another seat cover

while Dave was building up the seat base.

I spent part of the morning showing a pre-booked group of visitors round the works and finally here passing them onto the Signalman.

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Anonymous said...

As members of that pre-booked group, Frances and I appreciated the tour - run by Peter - and the time spent in the box under Daves tuition. I volunteered to try pulling levers and now really appreciate what the guys in the boxes do ! Many thanks. Chris Crump.