Saturday, 26 May 2018

Saturday - Gala

Being a Gala day the C&W works were open for visitors today. So the first job of the day was to put out the direction signs

During galas there is still some work going on. The visitors restricted to the entrance to view the woodwork shop, the paintshop to view that and and the workshop and viewing area to see both the barn the yard and the passing trains.

My first trip to the view area missed the first train down this morning but you never miss the S160 passing it seems to blow off the safety valve at the slightest whim. It also makes even more noise, if that's possible the its partner loco for this trip P&O.

In the tranquillity of the upholstery shop penny Dave and John hill were busy with a few more seat section. These the side head rests for TSO 4986

A couple of th clearly visible job being done today were Ken working on the end woods for TSO 4986

and Tony doing the next stage of restoration on the recently donated window frames for BSK 34929 in the barn. The window slider mount bar and the inside of this frame are now ready to use.

Further long the workshop Dennis and Ian were replacing broken rivets round the Cotswold side windows on 4986.
and later with Ken replaced the rubber seal round 2 of the windows. With the technique perfected or close to it they got the job down to a very nifty 20 minutes for a window.

On the interior Steve was making some great progress with the panelling of the first toilet compartment.


I started on cleaning more window surrounds on the Malvern side looking for any broken rivets that will need replacing. and removing loose paint and the light rust coating from the roof. Sadly I found this small hole that will also need repair.

John Squires was busy painting, in the workshop!, the battery box frame he helped to make last week.
By the end of the day it had progressed to black.

The 'rescue' train the pannier pulling the supposedly broken DMU.

while the King went by in the other direction.

while were out there a visit to see progress on the 'other' brake van in the yard was rewarded with some really good progress. Richard and Paul having hung another 2 of the 4 brake riggers
were moving on to the last one.

Further down the yard P'Way were removing what remained of the old back siding. So that didn't take long!
They very kindly supplied 'new' sleepers, ex Chicken curve, ready planted with flowers to add to the C&W gardens.
while inspecting the progress another double header passed Dinmore and Foremarke together this time. So much nicer than topped an tailed trains.

Work in the barn was interesting with James doing some more work on the BSK. To interpret the picture and what we are doing the 'ladder section on the left is ex doorway being filled in a n panelled over. The yellow template shows where the first of the new windows is going in and the void to the righ is wahts left of the old window which has been removed and will also be panelled over.

On the jack road Dave Hancox was painting the south end of the GUV E 86828

 just to show we didn't totally ignore the DMU car 51405 today; Martin continued with the clean up sealing and repaint of the guttering on the Malvern side away from where the visitors were to avoid any unfortunate paint splashes.
Kevin sorting a stack of nuts and bolts resorted to sitting on the floor while matching them up
and finally Alex got these excellent picture of Oliver Cromwell passing C&W


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St Blazey 1925 said...

WOW! What a lot of work done whilst in the middle of a Gala!
You mention P Way removing what remained of the old back siding. Is this the location for a covered storage shed for the stock to keep it out of the worst of the weather?
Regards, Paul.