Monday, 14 May 2018

Not Appreciated

It takes us 12 - 15 months to do a restore on a carriage

It takes 6 weeks plus the repaint a carriage.

So you will understand why there are some passengers we do appreciate!

Our latest carriage: with large scratches and a muddy paw prints

We will try and rub the scratches out but it will depend how deep the scratches go!


Anonymous said...

I share your frustration, having suffered similar damage at my home railway. The abdication of responsibility by a minority of dog owners (assuming they are the culprit)is appalling. They are probably the same sort that think it is alright for their dogs to poo down the track from our house to the river, without clearing it up and leaving it as toxic waste for others, including small children.
I can tolerate dogs, but not the inconsiderate behaviour of some of their owners.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Hear. Hear.
I agree with the previous commenter. I have a small dog and ALWAYS clear up after it.
Also, it irks me that some inconsiderate buffoons find it funny to do damage to historical artifacts such as painstakingly restored rolling stock (passenger and goods)!, as well as the stations themselves.
Then there are also National Trust buildings and their interiors.
Regards, Paul.

And said...

And then dog owners wonder why they are not welcome. We have a small dog and she has behave and gets a great if she does
In my opinion the problem does not apply to the dog but the stupid idiot on the other end of the lead

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Totally agree with the above, the other thing that gets our "goat" is the poo bag slung up into the branches of the trees! When we had our little "puppy", Dodger, we always cleaned up after, he was made so welcome on his last visit to the line, he enjoyed laying on the floor of the trains as it kept him cool, and the water bowls were always freshly topped up at each station for him. Dogs are welcome on this line, provided they are on a lead to control their owners and they are cleaned up afterwards, (the deposits not the owners!)not allowed on the seats or in the dining areas of the trains. We paid a visit to another line and dogs are NOT allowed, we went elsewhere! One line even lent us a blanket to put on the seat so he could look out at the country side! More happy memories of him at GWSR than any were else!
Paul & Marion

Jo said...

Urine patches are starting to appear on the approach path and platform of Broadway....