Saturday, 21 April 2018

Tuesday -Back to the high wire

Eleven of us in today with about half the group having to leave early so just a short report. We had a very enjoyable visit by over 20 chartered members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), who were having a day on the Railway with tours of C&W and the Loco Works.

One real bonus today was being able to use our high safety wire again. Quite a bit had been done on the sides of the DMU roof using the high tower, but Davey was able to get up and attack the centre where there was a lot of loose peeling paint.

Inside it was back to removing old glue from both the formica and lower parts of the ceiling - anywhere that had been above the luggage racks. It will be nice when this is a clean white-painted ceiling.


A lot of trestle painting today with initially the backs of the guards van doors being primed by Cheryl and Maurice. Once they were cleared away Cheryl gave what will probably be the final coat of varnish to the seat tops for TSO 4986. The corridor connection pillars in the background were black glossed by Maurice.

An outstanding job following our Paintshop reorganisation was to reinstate the shelving. Thanks to Dennis for sorting this out. This is very useful for storage, and the now dry seat tops were duly placed there.

Richard Stone spent a lot of time trueing up the planking at the north end of the china clay wagon. Enhanced by Paul Ellis' excellent painting of the metalwork, the wagon is now looking very nice and will be a lovely addition to the Gala freight train.

Vivien strips another TSO seat cushion ready for conversion to that for an SO.


One of Alex's recently painted sandwich boards now in use on Platform 1. The "Way In" boards are on Platform 2 outside the Discovery coach.

Report by Dave Clark

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