Friday, 13 April 2018

Tuesday - A well-earned escape

We spend all our time working on the coaches, but unless you are also a Guard, a TTI or in catering, we very rarely get out on the trains. So there was no shortage of takers when I emailed the Tuesday Gang to invite them on a round trip on the line, and the highlight of which was doing the full 15 miles from Cheltenham to Broadway. It's quite a lengthy journey now and puts us most definitely in the big league.
Most of the gang at Broadway. The smiles say it all!


Walking back to the Works and a quick diversion to see John Hawkins in his other role as signalman.


Back down to earth, well, actually the Upholstery shop floor with Vivien stripping another seat. In the background, the red chain link moquette marks out more seats in preparation for TSO 4986.


With the available planking for the china clay wagon now mainly used up, it's a case of making use of what is left. One of the door planks is being reassessed for size (it will be a perfect fit) and it is difficult to see the very carefully joined halves, not only glued but also strengthened with wooden dowells. An excellent job!

It was of course back to the DMU and more filling, sanding and general preparation. A start on the internal ceiling was also made.


Maurice varnishes some newly made hardwood seat tops, I guess for green TSO 4986.

More varnish goes on the wall protectors for the Tim Mitchell Building storeroom. The yellow cut-off steps in the background are for Railway Catering Services when accessing RMB 1808 in the 3rd Rake from track level - "R C S" has been painted on both sides by Alex.


Catching up on the black work - new step boards and resting blocks for the buffer extenders when not in use

We really are going to miss him when he returns to Sheffield after his Easter break. Alex puts the final touches to the two new sandwich boards for the station. All done using tracing paper, French chalk and very careful painting

Report by Dave Clark

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