Thursday, 5 April 2018

Tuesday - Not quite all the same


Back to more usual Tuesday attendance, with much of the same going on, but a few different things too.
For W51405 it was back to more of the bodywork preparation and repair. The remaining luggage racks were labelled and removed. There is a lot to do on this vehicle so it will be a lengthy refurbishment.

 The stack of trestle and other items are gradually being painted. Keith is priming the backs of the new footboards, while Alex is adding top coat to the "crashed plane".

Oh how I wish he could stay with us, but just 2 more weeks before we lose him again. As it says, "Black moly for the carriage jacks". I think he will be painting the numbers, etc, on the two wagons, assuming he can get back for that.


There's no keeping him back! The first top coat of the LMS guards van is completed.


As you may remember, we had to suspended the refurb of BCK 21092 when the "top hat" cross-spars under the corridor were found to be corroded and bring in SO 4798 instead for a very rapid repaint.

The BCK went out with a very mixed-up livery to say the least - a mix of maroon, light grey undercoat, red oxide and green primer. From the passing trains it looked awful, so Richard and I completed the grey undercoating. In the background is the oxide coated SK 24006. Both are now in the queue for full restores.

Another batch of seats being stripped by Vivien.


When I was trainspotting in the early 60s, I would have been cheering at a sight such as this. However, any cheering today was in gentle fun only, as "Foremarke Hall" rescues the "Freightliner" and the final train of the day. The diesel broke down at Cheltenham.

Report by Dave Clark

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