Friday, 6 April 2018

Thursday - A rare day

Another good number in on one of those rarest of days - the sun shone and we had no rain! A lot more painting was done with the various jobs on and around the paint trestles.

More work on the outside of DMU 51405 with filling and a general sanding down.


Gerry cutting out more of the corrosion above one of the windows at the south end, Cotswold side.

Alan continued removing the internal window frames, some of which will need replacing. All that are sound will be sanded and repainted.

The seat covers go on, at least two per seat. With so many seats, too many to take out and no where to put them, we need to protect the moquette. Thankfully we have almost a limitless supply of old blankets, sheets and curtains that have been kindly donated.

Derek and Dave Rogers refitted the two doors on the LMS guards van having added an extra spacer behind the corner column and the door attached to that with two sturdy hinges.

In the Workshop Ken was working on the Malvern side corner at the south end of TSO 4986. Metalworking at the south end must be well on the way to completion.

Inside the north compartment Tony was reattaching the re-silvered under seat grills.

At the opposite end of the coach Roger was working on the beading above the luggage racks.

In the Barn Rob was slowly releasing the gutter in preparation for replacing the outside panelling on this part of BSK 34929.


The doors on the grey van are still being problematical, keeping Bryan and John very busy trying to find the best solution to making these fit properly after the part rebuild. As Peter said in the previous report, wood and wet weather are not a good mix.


The new timetable gives a longer stop at Winchcombe on the up run, so Alex took a brief break from his TTI duty and came over to see us. With some more lettering to paint on Saturday he will be looking forward to being back in the Works.

Newly repainted and lined out, "Dinmore Manor" makes a splendid sight as she heads back to Toddington and Broadway.

Report by Dave Clark

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Anonymous said...

Hi chaps,
just for the record Dinmore has actually only had lining applied, she hasn't actually had any new black added. It's amazing what some lining out can do to freshen up the paintwork! Everyone seems to agree she does look very smart though which is always welcome to hear!

Keep up the hard work chaps you're a real credit to the railway as always, coches looked suitably immaculate for opening weekend!