Sunday, 22 April 2018

Thursday - Bogie Restoration - Part 2

With the temperatures positively soaring the workshop and the barn were pleasant places to be for the last couple of days.

Few jobs in carriage restoration are quick. The whole carriage can take us over a year to complete. Sop its no surprise the bogie overhaul was continuing today. With the wheelset out of the way and the bogie frame well supported and strapped in place it was time for John to get underneath

The guides removed it was possible to do the clean up behind them.

and for Bryan to do some similar cleaning up on top. Once all the dust and muck has been removed all the joints etc. will get well oiled before the bogie goes back under a carriage.

Not quite as cool but the temperature in the paintshop doesn't seem to vary much all year round the sanding and filling on the DMU continued at pace

on both sides.

whileDane trying to keep away from the dust was actually painting. This the top wood section for the south end corridor connection of TSO 4986 which is in the workshop.

Inside the TSO Tony is replacing some sections of the window trimming. The seat base bar making a useful little work bench to start the panel pin into the trim strip.

The crashed plane tail for the 'War in the Cotswolds' week-end has now got a tail wheel

Kevin has taken on the mammoth task of sorting out the 'spares store'. This is one section now all very tidy. We have already found several 'bit' we needed


and a box of these what ever they are. Any clues? They are approximately 8" end to end.


No doubt what these are for. The catch with making so many 'bombs' we have to make the safety barriers to go with them. 

Be nice to focus on some carriage restoration some time soon.

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