Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Saturday - soldiering on

Just a short report from Saturday with only a few in. Several on holiday and others pulled away for on train duties.

The upholstery team were working away on stripping more seats ready for refurbishment.

while some more barriers were being painted for the Cotswolds at War week-end.

Its touch and go for the China Clay wagon being ready,  Richard and Paul have now finished the side and end planking. Its a question of fitting the side flap door planking now. I learnt something today, the end with the white painted angle iron is the tipper end.

Something with much further to go before completion is the roof of the DMU. Bob Mac working his way back toward this end. You always start at the far end and work backwards. It avoids painting yourself into the wrong end of the roof! It wouldn't actually matter here as he is still cleaning the roof of loose paint. but its best to stick to the habit.

Andy who has just completed a welding course gets some times from James

This is how you do it.
Well it looks ok to me Andy and John Squires look at the completed battery box. So just got to bolt it back onto the carriage then have we? yep.

Steve spent the day on rebuilding the wall of the toilet at the south end of the TSO 4986. It doesn't perhaps look like a lot of progress but when you have to start virtually from scratch and still get the 2 door to shut well its a good job well done.


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