Monday, 9 April 2018

Saturday - back to repairs

Another large contingent in today with a very heavy focus on TSO 4986 in the workshop.

We are just about at the turning point where destruction is coming to an end and reconstruction is becoming the watch word. Steve fitted the new south end floor.

and after some heart searching elected to fit some alterative toilet walls, the originals having suffered to much damage in he the deconstruction phase. Fortunately Kevin found some others. We have another largely dismantled carriage in the back sidings and the toilet walls were in much better condition. so we retrieved those and if we EVER get round to restoring that carriage it will become a disabled access carriage!

James id working on the north end. First cut out some patches,

then weld them in place.

The interior of the carriage is also getting the works. The upholstery team busy on the seat replacements. We have largely given up trying to reuse the old springs now, far to many ore broken and becoming dangerous. So a good foam substitute is being employed much more comfortable!

we still have the same meticulous care being applied to the cutting of the moquette. Almost every scrap gets used!

Just for a change you understand, Dave got to strip this cover off an old seat. The moquette is one that is little used in any of our carriages so when we do need some for repairs it can be hard to find. Kevin's been on another scavenger hunt.

Still on the TSO Paul is doing the initial cleaning out. There will be more to do later. It's sometimes easier to remove the tables to get at stuff.

either way he still ends up on his knees.

Back to the outside and after Ken Austin repaired the roof Ken Reeves was putting the gutter back,

with assistance from Andy on the inside.

Then there was the other side to do as well

Andy then returned to his 'main'; job for the day. The removal of the battery box frame for repairs. Its bottled on. 8 bolts 8 split pins easy if you are double jointed and can see in the dark. Still there are only 2 left to do next week Andy!

The planking for the China Clay Wagon is nearing completion but drilling some of the holes takes 2 Paul holds one end while Richard deals with thee other.

More paint

and more paint will soon be required for the LMS Guards van now that the 4 doors have been fitted.

Another one of those other little jobs these some protective extra skirting for the Tim Mitchell building to stop the chair trolleys wrecking the plaster work.

BSK 34929 was not totally forgotten Pam working on the repairs to a door. The usual bottom section of the door skin having been destroyed by rust.

And, not easy to see, but Richard J. removed 2 of the doors from 51405 ready for the welders to start on the bodyside repairs next week.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Lots of good work on 4986 and also the china clay wagon.
Well done to all.
Regards, Paul.