Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Saturday - Wide ranging

Wide ranging certainly summed up the various jobs being done throughout the Works, and not everything was captured.
In the Barn it was back to bogies with the "Dirty Gang" removing a wheelset.


In the Workshop the battery box rigging from under TSO 4986 is steadily being rebuilt following the removal of all the corroded sections. John Squires checks his piece of metal against the rigging prior to cleaning it up. This was later welded in by Andy Turner (in conversation behind John). We don't often need to repair these.

At the north end of the coach James prepares to weld in another section of sheet metal.


Further along the Workshop Richard Stone tidies up a new section of heavy ply board for the floor of the china clay wagon.

The four new doors have been removed from the LMS guards van for priming by Andy and Ian.

Removal of the doors allowed for space for Sue and Martin to top coat inside the two verandas.

Inside DMU 51405 Clive and I were "enjoying" the removal of the adhesive used to stick the old vinyl covers (previously positioned above the luggage racks). Rubbing over with thinners, a good scrape, and then a final wipe over with a clean rag does the trick. Well, that's on the Formica. When on the old hardboard ceiling, it's a different story!

In the Upholstery shop Penny checks the chart for the seating in TSO 4986. These very helpful charts are produced by John Hill.

Production line in progress. While Dave staples a new base canvas on one of the rebuilt seats for the coach,

on to the next stage with Jenny stapling on the chain-link moquette.

Seeing a puffing Kevin bringing the last of a load of seat cushions into the building from storage in one of our vans, it was only fair to help him get them all up the stairs into the Upholstery shop. They will then be used for the rolling programme of providing SO 4798 with re-upholstered seating.

Report by Dave Clark





Simply a super blog? And a well done to all concerned

Anonymous said...

I never stop thinking of the wide-ranging jobs you are called upon to do and the skills you have to achieve their success.