Monday, 2 April 2018

Saturday - moving on

Broadway is open and C&W is rapidly moving on. The final bit from us for Broadway, certainly at present, is the second bench. John stands beside the finished bench with the seat in place.

Jenny has discovered my secret the way to avoid being in the pictures is to take the picture yourself. Me with Dave Clerk and John Hill with some satisfied smiles having inspected the bench.

However, it doesn't always work Jenny, back to work on the last pair of seats to be recovered for Toddington

One each with John doing the other one.

 Moving on we have identified some new targets. The China Clay wagon for the Gala freight train perhaps. The angled corners for the side flap doors to butt against are cut.

Giving Richard and Paul a new Jenga set.

Paul however, was deep in concentration painting the couplings.

If you happen to follow the comments posted here you will know we were asked recently if the cantrails above the doors on 51405 were rotten. YES but so far only above this one door. There is a hole in the roof above. The ceiling will also need replacing in this area as will some sections of the floor.

So after a consultation with a board member of the CDRL group, the owners of 51405, we made the decision to strip this whole section for easier access to do the repairs. Dave and Chris Taylor did the honours here.

Elsewhere 4986 has moved on a great deal lately and now sits firmly ahead of the BSK in our plans.
The outline plan is to complete the carriage in the autumn of this year.  So James was busy plating the final main section of the north end.

John Hamer was doing a first investigation of what we are going to do with the windows where the rubber seals are all perished. I was doing the same on the other side of the carriage.

Steve has started on the south end first by fitting the new floor bearers.

adding the flooring and starting on re-positioning the walls of the toilets all of which were removed to facilitate the welding repairs.

On the interior which is in fairly good condition Paula and Phil have been cleaning round all the light fittings and the light covers. You can't really tell that the last light in this line is actually an LED strip. The other will be replaced soon.

back to the exterior and Ken was ensuring the door would be easily removable when we get that far before returning to the fitting of the south end woods for the corridor connection..

while Andy was working on the inevitable sanding and filling. There is along way still to go!

The brake van is now getting close to completion. we still have the roof canvass to go on but Ian has started on the top coat of paint.


St Blazey 1925 said...

All good work going on. Whilst I sometimes get mixed up with coach numbers, I never tire of seeing the restoration going on. It's not just another coach to me, it's the recreation of a rake - or indeed, a fleet!
Your great workmanship have set a standard that other preservation railways can only follow.
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

You're not the only one who gets confused with numbers, looks like Peter does too! ;-)

Peter Fisher said...

Thank you for this blog. I enjoy your comments and updates, and the photographs which make the whole process of restoration so interesting. I have been a fan of heritage railways for years, but did not really appreciate the amount of work involved in restoring rolling stock until I started reading this blog, so thank you so much for being informative and educational. In a like manner to the above comments, I do sometimes get confused about the numbers for the carriages being restored so I wonder if it is possible to occasionally update the "Current Work Schedule" section of this page?
I am so impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers on the GWR. Thank you all for making the railway and its activities accessible to those of us who cannot get there as frequently as we might wish.