Thursday, 5 April 2018


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Wednesday - according to the forecast wet so no surprise we had 29 in attendance. The gardening can wait until the sunshine forecast for Thursday.
The north facing DMU car 51405 was subject to both internal and external attention today.
Internally first Colin and Jeff took samples and measured up the wood sections that will need to be replaced. Then Rex and Nick set about uncovering more of the rust and assessing what has to be replaced. In some places it was more a question of guessing where the metal used to be there is no rust left either!

The problem stems from a small hole in the roof just above the gutter this allowed water to accumulate on the rail over the two south end Cotswold side doors.
Externally the remaining door frames are being cleaned checked and repaired as needed Phil Jones Des, Rod and Trevor were all busy. There are plenty of doors to go round!
On 4986 The second of the green TSOs purchased by the Trust a few years ago from Riviera Trains,
 Ken was completing the repairs to the top corners of the south end. |This also included the replacement of small sections of the roof so the gutter will have to be put back next.
Rex and Nick respectively cut and welded in a section of the right hand door pillar for the centre door Cotswold side. The left hand pillar still needs doing. 

 Also work on the carriage or at least the seats for the carriage were the upholstery team led by birthday boy, with badge, John Hill. Happy birthday John.

The task today was head rests Jenny was also fitting the covers.

Penny sewing seat covers.

while Dave was preparing the bases for rebuilding.

It is unusual for us to have 2 extensive rebuilds on the go at the same time but with the BSK 34929 having 14 to be reduced to 10 doors it is going to take time to get them all done. Today Mike and Paul was working on the hinges for door 2.

Thanks to these lovely post room trolleys, we have 2 of them, it is very easy to move the doors around the workshops. which is fortunate as its a long was from the barn where the BDK is situated back to the woodwork shop where the door team are based.

The assorted painting jobs on the paint tables was also getting its due attention. Tony painting the notice boards. The foot boards for the carriages also got a coat of paint.

They were later joined on the paint tables by a set of bracket made by Pam for the Building Services group. The brackets which were to late for a coat of paint today are to fix the fencing alongside platform 1 at Wichcombe. With the steel cut to size pam had to put a double bend in each section rrady tofit to the posts.

Having carried out repairs to a wagon door the problem is now to refit it. Wood and weather! the wood has expanded to the point where closing/opening the doors is a real issue. You have to trim some off but do to much and the doors won't even meet in the summer when everything has dried out. ho hum.
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