Sunday, 22 April 2018

Friday - Maintenance Day

r maintenance team normally meet weekly, on a Friday when the trains aren't running. They check the Guard's log for any faults reports and carry out the regular checks regular maintenance jobs and on the running rakes of carriages.

On Friday Stuart, yes the same one who regularly features in the drainage flick site reports, took advantage of the nice weather for a few pictures of the team in action.

John doing the admin. Everything gets cross reference and the Guards log updated with the actions.

Anthony and Ted in discussion., I wasn't told what they were discussing but this is the maintenance team so it was definitely important.
On site window repair in progress well they would have been on site but there was fire and drive course running this Friday which makes their job that much more difficult. So the final bit, putting the trim panel back on, became a running repair as they sped north past Laverton towards Broadway
Thanks to Stuart for the pictures.

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