Monday, 30 April 2018

Saturday - Another day another battle

It being the Cotswolds at War week-end our numbers were again severely reduced with many taking duties elsewhere on the railway. so it was more of a skirmish today.

Richard was again doing battle with more planking for the China Clay Wagon. This must be about the last few planks! He and Paul are onto the two side doors and sometime was spent today measuring up for a new canvass cover to go on it.

Derrick fitted the securing bolts for the LMS brake van doors. We can't actually run it as  passenger carrying vehicle as we had hoped. The ORR apparently insists that it must be vacuumed braked for that despite being a brake vehicle itself. Has any other heritage railway fitted a brake cylinder to one of these before we start inventing the wheel again?

Having proved all the guides now slide smoothly up and down it was back to one of the axle boxes today  to check out the roller bearing and the greasing of it. On this one the grease nipple seems to be in an unusual place. So it is better check it out. You can'y just lift a cover off these things its another small hoist job.

With the cover out of the way and bearing fully exposed all seems to be well. Everything works and its all well greased.

with the cover back on the wheel set re-installed its just down to refitting the keeps before this bogie is ready for service.

Steve was back working on the intricacies of the panelling supports at the end of 4986. A lot of hidden work here.
Also hidden is much of the welders efforts. Ken Austin and I agreed to replace the badly rusted door lock pillar at the north end of the carriage on Thursday. This is the new pillar in place Ken having done a grand job.
 and even started on the new section of exterior skin as well. Today James progressed the job and completed another section on the end while John Osborn did some more skin replacement on the Malvern side.

Penny had the big upholstery bench to herself today so was able to spread the cloth out, mark it uo and cut it out in peace

That is except for the hammering sawing etc Hubby Dave was making on another bench while preparing a base frame.

Janes with his new welding mask that Joh had just brought in! i think he was pleased.

John Squires kept well out of it working on the battery box repairs.

Such was the drain on C&W numbers that Dave was left all alone in the paintshop. Still it did mean he got to do some painting.

Thursday - pass the baton

Another less than perfect day in Winchcombe. Well we like sunshine during the day and rain overnight after all. The weather seems to have forgotten the sunny bit AGAIN.

Still we were all inside today anyway. The Upholstery team cleared all the old covering from these seats ends on Wednesday and delivered them to the paintshop. I guess that's a sort of hint then.


Martin was soon sanding them off ready to be painted this time round. Originally they had a Formica style covering, which has badly faded, with wood trim. Then they were fabric covered,; the material has both faded and worn. Now we are going to paint them.


Some of the last bits of planking for the China Clay wagons got a coat of paint.


As did the new storage box for one of the brake carriages.

At the other end of the pasintshop Alex was doing one of his favorite jobs.

Rather beyond painting is much of the window trim in the DMU. This lots turned to a soggy wood pulp. That probably we need to investigate the roof and the outer skin further in this area!


while some of the trim on the doors needs re-attaching.

Then there is the welding of the frame work to sort out This is starting to come back together but it is clear some of the outer skin will need replacing as well.

Some of the wood trim has been found to be ok. Alan was so shocked he had to sit down. Well maybe not but the seats are still very comfortable.

Were possible the sanding and prep work for painting is still continuing.

Inside as well as out. The ceiling, again in places, is starting to be painted.

In the barn the bogie overhaul is continuing. Just position the hoist its only a very small move about 3 inches to get over the end of the frame other wise it all tries to run away sideways when we lift despite being well chocked.

With the frame a bit higher it was possible to remove the springs and spacer plates for some TLC and adjustment to ride height.

The interior trim of 4986 is progressing well although the glass still has to be removed for new sealing rubber to be installed. That won't affect the internal frame luckily.

Pat (above) and Tony (below) both progressing the job.

And naturally there was the regular inspection of the running rakes as they passed. What you say there was steam engine on the front, was there? Oh was there.



Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wednesday - a variety of jobs

Every carriage entering the works comes with a mass of jobs to do.With every job you have to start somewhere. SomDave collected a large plank of timber and headed into the woodwork shop while Eddie, with some assistance re-organised the rest of the wood store ready for a new delivery.
One has to be clear this is a very different wood store from the one at the Loco department at Toddington. They chop there wood up and bung it on a fire. Something to do with making the kettle boil.

We on the other hand spend hours carefully crafting our supply into various components for the carriages.

Another set of oversize matchsticks door frame components.

 Trevor who is joining the door team and with assistance from Derrick soon had the steel skin off this door.

 and started preparing to use one of those new sections to repair the frame.

Colin was busy making a completely new frame.
While Mike is waiting for  another door skin to be returned He helped Ken out on this Ali door from 4986. The window glass has separated from the cradle support. So it was carefully extracted the window scissors were removed and cleaned and the glass glued and clamped back into its cradle. Next week when its all set we can reassemble it all.
Seats of course are another story. Easy? No. Especially when you get asked to replace the seats in an operational carriage. For that you have to have a spare set to switch with the old ones. Assembling a set the right size can be a challenge in its own right.
A single So seat frame stripped down and the springs all checked.
However, we could not find enough spare TSO double seats. So John Varley has been tasked with extending the TSO seat frames to SO width. That's add about 8 inches to the frame.

Dave waiting the arrival of the next one! He cuts some thin ply to act as a flat base for the foam pads we are starting to use. The old springs being the wrong size and probably not worth restoring anyway.

Jenny zooming ahead with the another seat cover. We will collect enough renewed seats to do a section of the carriage at a time. That's 4 bays.

 Once down it time to fit it to the seat with John holding the fabric in place Jenny was firing of several rounds from the staple gun to secure it all in place

 This is a combined effort by the woodwork and upholstery teams. Strip the minimum amount of seat cover and padding to allow the legs to be re-glued and clamped. Before recovering the seat.

 Tony was back today working his way along the slider windows in 4986. We try to remove them to clean the runners and repaint them.

Steve Smith completed the set of LED strip lights for the carriage. When Phil put the diffusers in this carriage back up we get a very interesting light display. Sadly not captured here.

Steve Barnfield was back to the reconstruction of the toilet walls. The frame work hidden by all the panelling it very intricate in places and takes a lot of work to fit round the various structural steel work.

While we are the steelwork of 4986 Ken and I concluded that this door pillar was not work saving being rotten at the top and most of the mid section. So Ken cut it out and welded in a complete new pillar.

Work on the DMU is progressing with a lot of internal sanding and prep work. So many doors. So many old labels to be removed.

The bogie overhaul continued in the barn with Bryan cleaning more dirt from the frame

while John was doing much the same to the axle boxes.