Thursday, 22 March 2018

Wednesday - The first passengers pass

A fairly small number in today but with a clear reason. The headboard says it all
'Return To Broadway',
as P&O ran round the first volunteer special passenger train to Broadway departing Winchcombe. where the passengers had the chance to visit the Tim Mitchell Building and see the interior for the first time. Another GWsR first.

With four trains running and all requiring a wave the work was somewhat interrupted during the day. However, Trevor stuck to his task and cleaned all the windows on the Cotswold side of 4798 which is scheduled to join the third rake next week ready for the opening.

Also heading for Broadway is this the second bench, here being stained by Colin

and later in the day. it will get at least 2 more coats yet!

Another Broadway project from C&W some notice boards. Ed and Geoff trimming the frames

Next in line is the DMU north end unit which was shunted into position for the switch with 4798 at the weekend. The van is also coming in for some work on the doors.

Further down the line is 4986. Rex was busy cutting and preparing the north end base plate replacement.

while Nick was welding in the crash pillar before putting in the section prepared by Rex.

by the end of the day it was job done and rex was back in action with the rex-oxide to complete the repair.


Moving on down the restoration line John Varley was tidying the second door skin for BSK 34929

while Colin having finished his bit with the bench had returned to making some new door frames for the BSK. 10 door are going top take a while to do.

The window scissors were also getting a bath in cleaning fluid.

With all the work still before us, our job never comes to an end, The Jacks are getting a check over and a small modification to meet modern usage practices.

Then also on the list is this. Suggestion from the frame of a roman chariot found by P'Way in the Broadway embankment to  a Segway were made

by this bunch of undoubted archaeological experts. However, Nick fond the note that came with it. Says its a GWR station platform trolley. Yeah, whose leg are you trying to pull!! It went the way of many old relics found in C&W It got taken apart. 'We can rebuilt it' What ever it is.

By this time it was time for the last train to Broadway

at least for today. It better be I'm booked to be on the first train tomorrow with many of the C&W members who were in today!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the lads working their socks off while I was on the first train to Broadway, didnt they do well !!!

St Blazey 1925 said...

Looks like you've got your hands full with the GWR 4 wheel barrow! Seems like a jigsaw where most of the pieces are missing! Best of luck. Only thing going for it is there are plenty of examples around to use as a template for the work.
Regards, Paul.