Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wednesday - window on the work

23 made it into C&W today but we kept a close eye on the weather just in case.

The closest watch was by John Hamer and Neil who were targeting a shunt to switch 21092 out of the paintshop and bring 4798 in before the snow got on the incoming carriage. We didn't really want a snow covered carriage brought in. Well they almost made it. There was only a small drift in the north corridor connection and a couple of icicles hanging from filler pipes.

On the swap was done the prep work was soon under way. First job remove the flacking paint and cut back over loose rivets.

Off course you do these things with some trepidation often having a fairly clear idea of what you will find. This is a fairly early Mk1 built in 1956, and last restored and out-shopped in August 2008. Note it is one of the rare carriages that still has flush fitted windows. You can see why BR retro fitted them with frames.

The green TSO 4986 was the main focus of our efforts in the early part of the day there being little enthusiasm, that means none, for venturing into the freezer barn.

David, above, and Trevor, below, both working on the rivet line and lower panel.

while Malcolm returned to the roof.  His knees are holding up very well

which is more than can be said for some areas of the roof. Age and a lack of cover are both catching up with our carriages.

The door team having completed there checks of 4614 have moved on to the doors of BSK 34949. The first 4 came off the carriage some time ago and have already been stripped down so it was straight into a trial fit of the new frame for this door. Another was referred to John Varley for welding work.

The woodwork team undisturbed by shunts in their own workshop continued with a range of jobs

another bench for Broadway under reconstruction

while Ed was down on his knees marking out the outline of a tail fin for the War-weekend team.

The upholstery team have adopted a 'we have started so we'll finish approach to the seat from 21092.

Several of the arm rests need restoring so they are completing the ones they have started. Thanks to Jenny for this picture of the work in progress. There is a lot of material that has to be trimmed into a small space at the base of the armrest.

The other puzzle for us at the moment is a question of window sliders. As we want to fit 3 new windows in the BSK we need frames with matching sliders. Kevin has located a number of both in the stores but not necessarily matching ones. Its currently a game of snap. We need 3 frames and 6 sliders..

3 frames .....                                                               tick
1 pair of complete sliders                                           tick
1 pair with one side bar missing  on each             err tick
1 slider tagged identification sample to not use    err tick

so not a complete set then!

Ask around another railway will have some 

...... much laughter ........

followed by 'if you find some we need 12 or 5 or 6 or'

.... you get the picture.


St Blazey 1925 said...

So with 4798, it's a case of 'Once more into the breach' then. This is why you opted for BR Mark 1 carriages, as ALL GWR and LMS types re like this early one!
Thought: With the weather like it is, you don't really need fridge do you?
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Is there any chance 4798 will be rushed through for Broadway opening day or is it just a case of "that's just the next one through now"?

I don't blame folk deserting the barn, it's jolly cold at the moment! On the plus side this snow cancelled a histology class yesterday, so it's not all bad... :-)


The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

We will have to have a debate on 4798. As for your class Dave will be able to cover what you missed. He has been studying the structure of tissues at close range all week. He has a stinking cold ... aaaaaachoooooo another hole in a another tissue.

Alex said...

Oh dear! If it helps tip the balance I'm back on the 22nd and willing to do overtime until opening day (for the usual overtime rates of course!)

PaulK said...

Am just wondering what the way forward with the window sliders will be. Will you club together with other railways to get a batch of new spares made?

Best of luck with getting the rakes ready for start of service.


Paul K

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

That’s one option under consideration. The catch is there are at least 4 different designs. So it’s not straight forward.