Thursday, 8 March 2018

Wednesday - The race is on!

There is a great sense of urgency about the railway at present which isn't unusual at the is time of year. The new season starts Saturday and the Chelenham race festival is next week.

So the first job this morning was to reinstall the generator in the RBr before the chocolate and cream rake was dispatched to Toddington

Actually it was already part way there when John Hamer did it. Its much easier to do this particular job with the RBr positioned over the Winchcombe yard roadway. So Neil pulled the set out of the platform and did the first 200 yards towards Toddington stopped for the install and then continued on the journey. It wasn't long before he was back in the opposite direction with the ballast train heading to Gotherington Bridge and the P'Way team.

At a slightly more measured pace Rex positioned the new section of base plate at the north end of TSO 4986.

While Nick cut the first section of crash pillar.

It was soon in place and welded. On to the next section which on tis occasion will be the outer section on the Malvern side. This is due to the fact that present we haven't taken the corridor connection off.

Back at the south end Ken Austin was completing the replacement of the bottom section of the corridor opening

Before the north end corridor connection of 4986 can come off we need to reinstate the north end connection of the BSK 34929. We only have 2 lifting gallows that we can use for the connectors.

Ken Reeves has attached the new woods so we are about ready to hang the connector, as long as the weather is kind as this end of the carriage is at the outer end of the barn.

Some of the under body checks on 4614 are still progressing with the known steam leak being fixed by John and Ken. Then it was get the carriage over the pit to oil up all the brake rigging and a final bit of ride height checking.

With 4614 now signed off for the door team its on to the 10 doors of the BSK. Derrick gradually collecting some of the door parts already removed. We try not to take to many doors off at one time.. For a start we have nowhere to put them if we do. This is a door glass carrier with the remains of a broken window to be removed.

Paul assisted by Tony was removing a door skin from its wood frame. The bottom of both are past use so its a new frame and a new section of steel welded on to replace the old rusted section.

In the woodwork shop Dave was cutting more backing panel sections for the upholsters.

Colin and here Geoff were working the second Broadway seat and some framing.

Jenny Penny and Dave were hard at work

Oh no there is a bit of moquette left over out of the roll! At this point we did get a new roll of the chain link moquette out.

The main event is the very fast repaint of 4798. Today save Malcolm on one side and here Davy on the other cleaning flacking paint from the roof and doing the priming where appropriate.

On the body side it was another big group continuing the sanding and filling. That should just about be finished on Thursday and it all cleaned off and wiped over ready for painting.

Lets hope this one doesn't blow up in our faces! or these. At least we know they are empty. Ainsley painting some more props for the war week-end.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Great work on 4614. It looks a picture, (no pun intended).
As for the rest, It fairly makes one 'giddy' at the speed of work done. A hearty well done to all!
Regards, Paul.