Thursday, 15 March 2018

Wednesday - On the move

Today was the turn of Dinmore Manor for the race trains along with P&O but some late arriving passengers meant we were busy drinking tea when P&O passed with its train of champagne drinkers race goers.

Also on the move was the Broadway bench which has sat for some time in the paintshop awaiting space on the platform at Broadway.

Having delivered some stuff for Building Services to Winchcombe the Fairview lorry took the bench both notice boards we have made and the refurbished signal box stool up to Broadway. A check of the Broadway blog and you will see the seat in position.


However, thing don't stand around in C&W for to long, they tend to get painted if the do. So Colin was busy on the second, and somewhat shorter bench seat for Broadway. This one will have a padded seat as its destined for the booking hall.

so Colin was busy make the seat base ready for the upholstery team.

Another mover today was the gangway connection for the north end of the BSK, in the background of the picture.

You blinked again! half an hour later it was on. Before we had the gallows hoists this job could take most of the day using a tele hander or a JCB to do the lifting. The problem being the very precise positioning required..

The hoist was soon manoeuvred into the workshop and the north end gangway connection of 4986 was disconnected and removed. Nick and Rex will have some clear space to deal with the crash pillars etc. tomorrow.

With nothing on the jack road at present it was an opportunity for a clean up of the jacks.

Having completed 4614 the door team are now focussing on the BSK with its 10 doors to do. The first thing was to get the door skins repaired. The first one was a bit long so Ken adjusted that before doing more plate work repairs to the south end of 4986

and then it was back to the door team for Paul to start fitting the frame.

Mike is awaiting another door skin which John Varley is working on. So he addressed a problem with a door pull on the 4798.

Painting window sliders is always a bit of a problem. They have to be closed to paint the sliding frame but then you cant get at one side of the wind deflectors. The rest of the sliders were painted yesterday so Trevor was able to adjust them and paint the 'other' side of the deflectors today.

He then joined Ainsley, Rod and Des as they completed the Malvern side undercoat and painted the top coat on the rest. They also painted the end sliding doors orange.


Its no less busy in the upholstery shop as they crack on with more seat restorations. The carving knife was out again for some more foam trimming.


Gordon Smith said...

Fairview are very helpful to the railway, especially when the platform edging was being done at Broadway.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Busy beavers!
All looking very good. The benches are fantastic! Who would have thought that there was very little to work with at the beginning.
Regards, Paul.

Jo said...

Thank you for making such a beautiful job of the 100 year old platform bench for Broadway. It came to us as a wreck and it is now immaculate.
A very professional job by a great gang!