Friday, 30 March 2018

Wednesday - Component Parts

When you look at a carriage complete and shiny as its rolled out into service its very easy to forget what goes into it. Today was an interesting reminder and it didn't cover everything by any means! 
Seats - well each seat cover starts as part of a big roll some of which are just visible behind jenny as she sews the cut sections into a cover for the seat base The current set the team have moved onto replacement seats for SO 4798, are slightly wider than the TSO seats and far harder to manoeuvre though the sewing machine.

very comfortable when done as along as John and Jenny don't loose that very long needle they are passing back and forth through the seat as they sew the cover on.

Then there are doors! After 6o plus years the frames are usually in poor condition or roiten. So the woodwork team spend a lot of time making new frames. Here Colin ensures the profile, a 28 footish radius curve to follow the profile of the carriage, is correct. Flat sides would be so much easier!

Then the door team , here Paul, have to fit refit the steel skins. The skins have also been subjust to much repair work by the metalwork team.

The unseen drain channel in the bottom of the doors gets fitted (its the thing that looks like some very short stumps centre of picture). The pipes go through the wood frame and the steel skin has to be cut round then where they come out of the bottom. Derrick has the job of creating the cut out in the new steel skin to get a good fit.

then there is the door bumper bar. All you ever see on the outside is the rubber bumper. Inside the door is a strong reinforcing bar to stop the door skin buckling when the door gets flung open. The bumpers also stop the door handles hitting and potentially smashing the carriage window. Derrick checks the bolt mounts, cleans and rust proofs the bar before fitting. In the foreground there is the door lock mounted on the test rig to check the lock bolt throw and latch are in spec.

Mike, on another door, has progressed to fitting the window glass guides.

 A door that hasn't gone so well. We rebuilt this wagon 2 years ago but 2 of the doors plywood panels have delaminated after water got in. A new panel is being cut and painted before re fitting in the door frame. The weather side, south side,  of all our rolling stock get subjected to soaking in the driving rain intermixed with being baked in the sun with all the expansion and contraction that causes.

Another and non original door. If the guards van is to be used for rides, rather better safety doors are required. The original and only nod to safety for the guard was the single white bar that can be seen just above the as yet unpainted door. Colin fitted the first 2 of 4 today.

Then there is lighting. Phil is busy refurbishing some currently spare old style round ceiling fittings. BR during refurbishment replaced these with strip lights. As we have these spares salvaged from other carriages being scrapped, we are retro fitting them.

There was the more usual activities continuing around the work as well. Geoff completed the pop up noticeboards. They have now been passed to the painters for finishing.

Ken was starting to fit the new woods to the south end of 4986 While, sorry i missed the picture opportunity, Trevor and David completed the removal of the loose paint from both sides of the roof of the DMU and 4986! They did sadly identify some holes in the roof while they were doing it.

At the end of the day Neil was collecting the third rake ready for the week-end All three rakes are now back at Toddington ready to roll on our extended 15 mile railway.

Yes I know it's confusing, the train is facing Cheltenham as it first has to be pulled out of the siding then Neil has to run round the carriages in Winchcombe station before heading back to Toddington.

Direction at this point in the line is confusing as the track lays due East West so heading south to Cheltenham or North to Toddington and Broadway isn't obvious.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Wonderful to see some of the many parts that are more than necessary to the restoration of the rolling stock. Your store dept. must need a lot of careful management to keep on top of where the items actually ARE!
Regards, Paul.