Thursday, 1 March 2018

Tuesday - Wrapping up

A good Tuesday attendance with 12 in despite the unpleasantly cold day. Those working in the DMU came in for an early morning tea break. You thinks its cold out side in side some carriages and especially the barn you will find it colder. The barn can turn into a freezer!

Early snow at Winchcombe and I guess Malcolm, Head of S&T and the first one to arrive, couldn't resist a bit of fun on our new road!

TTO 4614 now on the Jack road for the bogie checking and riding level setting.
With the sun on the open end of the barn it was not as bad as they expected. John and Bryan were making adjustments to the bogie springing.

Surprisingly it wasn't quite so cold in the Barn. John and Bryan were making adjustments to the bogie springing.
The blog title wasn't just a reflection on our bitterly cold weather. Sadly we have had to abandon current work to get BCK 21092 into the 3rd Rake ready for Broadway running.

The cause of all the trouble. With the corridor lino stripped up, one of the badly corroded top hat cross-spars is revealed - yes that is daylight showing through. Refurbishing 21092 is now a big job.

So the job for today was to make the coach fit to be returned outside until it can be brought back in and the problems dealt with. This meant completing the sanding down of any filler and then painting accordingly. With this area on the Malvern side in generally good condition Richard adds a coat of undercoat Light Grey.

On the Cotswold side Adrian cleans up and primes some bare metal areas on the roof side.

The Cotswold side was where we had the major paint removal a few weeks ago. Keith and Richard added more anti-corrosive primer where needed.

Wrapping up done and 21092 is now ready to be shunted back out.

With 21092 now out of the picture, a favourable option was to dig out SO 4798 which has long been due for a full refurbishment. It did run in the two main galas last year to provide sufficient coaches for the 3rd Rake, so should be a good runner albeit somewhat shabby. As such on Monday Neil and John Hamer extracted it from the 3rd Rake siding and it now sits on our side of the yard, ready to be brought in. It will be a rush to get ready and all this bad weather is not helping. 

Another job to be completed was inside the DMU centre car. Various bits of tidying up of the paintwork, resticking loose bits of the vinyl ceiling sheeting, reseating some of the loose ceiling beading using rawlplugs (being old hardboard, screws easily come loose)

and a general vac around.

Part of the first class compartment, now looking much better.

Tony Barnard worked on cleaning up some of the sliders from TSO 4986. With another shunt looming these were reinstated afterwards.

New surrounds made by Steve Barnfield were put up by Richard Budd (from our Maintenance team) in RBr 1672 in the main rake. These fit on the ceiling to cover the recently made sleeves for the extraction fans.

Definitely not what we want at the moment!

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

A good turn out considering the weather. Plenty done too!
A shame about the untimely find, under the 'carpet', so to say on 21092.
If you were really stuck for a brake, there is always the GW full brake in the dock - if it's still a runner that is! (Doesn't matter what's inside it). Is it at Winchcombe or is it Toddington?
Anyway, you have done your best and that is all anyone can expect.
Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

What is a top hat cross-spar please ?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

For the top hat section Paul you will have to cut your top hat in half vertically. The cut edge shows you the cross section of the steel used.

The Mk1 carriage sole bar is basically 4 parallel girders, On top of these and across the carriage are series of these 'top hat' section steel lengths. They welded in position and these spars support the floor.