Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tuesday - What a difference a day makes

Another song title that very much wraps up the excellent effort put in by the Tuesday gang, despite the first day of the Races reducing our number.

However, firstly the trains. "P&O" makes a splendid sight as she slows for the token handover at the head of the first of the two Race Specials.

The second train passes with the fireman on "Foremarke Hall" leaning out ready to swap tokens with Bob Mac, the Winchcombe signalman for the day. The trains on all 4 days of the Races are a complete sell-out, such is the popularity of this way of travelling to them.

On one of the return runs to pick up the race goers, I managed to capture newly refurbished TSO 4614.

One of the outstanding jobs pushed aside by the urgency to get SO 4798 ready in time, was to give a second top coat to two of the new notice boards for Broadway Station. Vivien did an excellent job and they are now ready for collection.

As for SO 4798, Richard Hoy, Stu and Adrian top coated the Cotswold side. We are only painting one top coat this time, so lining out will be the next step.

On the Malvern side Richard Johnson, Maurice and Keith completed almost all the undercoating - just the lower panel for the south half of the coach was left to do
Showing the north and south ends from the Cotswold side respectively, most of the top coating here was also done.


Report by Dave Clark

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