Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tuesday - Heroic Effort

With so much to do before the season starts it was amazing just how many turned out today. A total of 19 attending, with an incredible number on the rush job in the Paintshop.. 

Unfortunately problems occur when you least want them, and a problem water raiser in the Main Rake's RBr is a definite "Oh no!", with the new season starting this Saturday and the Race Trains next week. Pete has another go at getting it to work with me flicking on the switch. He was returning later in the evening with Andy Bint who originally installed the existing pump.

On a happier note, with TSO 4614 partially dragged out of the Barn, John Hamer was making final checks prior to the coach soon joining the Maroon rake.


In the warm and comfortable Mess room, John updates his records for 4614.


As previously stated a busy day with a busy Mess Room during the mid-morning break. Everyone was busy filling in their HAVS forms, another H&S issue being taken on board by the Railway.


Richard Stone was working on fitting one of the pin plates for the north end swing door of the china clay wagon. Having initially cleaning the plate, he measured up the relevant planks where the plate is be located, and finally checked the fitting after rebating one of the new planks.

We had a very big number working on SO 4798, with what is basically a patch-up to improve the coach prior to it joining the 3rd Rake ready for the Broadway opening at Easter. This is very important to say the least with the high numbers expected over the Easter weekend.

On the Malvern side the air sanders were in use. In the background Malcolm was cleaning up the sides of the roof. Overall a huge amount of preparation was done in readiness for the very quick repaint into chocolate & cream. One of the north end corners was taped up and painted in the relevant undercoats.


Our maintenance team did stirling work with pre-season preparations, which included servicing all the doors in both the DMU centre car at Wichcombe and the other two cars from the set at Toddington.


Finally, silhouetted against the early evening sky, one of the two new GWR lamp brackets designed by Pam Brown, and made by Pam and Nick Evetts, now mounted on the Tim Mitchell building.


Report by Dave Clark


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Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

You certainly are busy getting the coaches sorted out. We are looking forward to riding the line and seeing what you have done with them. Many thanks for your efforts.
Paul & Marion