Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Tuesday - Almost there

Another excellent day, not just with SO 4798, but seeing all the planned moves take place to relocate the various vehicles around Winchcombe Station.

Having completed the yellow lining out on SO 4798 on Monday, it was on to the black with Maurice and Adrian, and Stu, Cheryl and Keith.


Lining out completed so it's tape removal, done very slowly and carefully of course!

Then the tidy up where needed, which Stu loves.

While Keith blacks up the door furniture, Maurice highlights the tare plate lettering.

Sorry Alex, we know you would love to be here doing this! That's about as cruel to Alex as you can scrapping fingernails down a black board or pulling teeth, .

...oh no that's what Alex does!

Dennis replaced the two rotten steps on the Malvern side. 

 Hard to believe just a couple of weeks ago this was a faded maroon coach.


More excellent progress with the china clay wagon. Richard carefully marks out the heavy base planking at the north end. We hope to have this completed ready for the Cotswold Festival of Steam in late May. It will make a very fine addition to the goods train.


While all this was going on, Neil and John did a lot of shunting to get the bays sorted out in the station with the new arrangement of vehicles. In Platform 1 Bay, the Toad Guards Van, LNWR Van, Barry Railway Van, and the War Department Van.

In Platform 2 Bay, the Discovery Coach now sits inside the Model Railway Royal Mail Coach and Gunpowder Van.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

As I said on one of yesterday's blogs, with reference to the Special trains to Broadway. Western Region colours on a coach pick up the light beautifully. This shows all too evidently with 4798 and it's a credit to you all. If only they could be kept looking this good - roll on a carriage storage shed!
Regards, Paul.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

What a lovely transformation, another fine addition to the line, and yes they are the "sunshine" coaches of the GWsR.
Paul & Marion