Friday, 9 March 2018

Thursday - Turn, turn, turn

Those around in 1965 will remember "Turn turn turn" as a song by the Byrds. Today, with help from Allelys Transport, this involved the rotating of BSO 9000 (from the Choc & Cream rake), the Discovery coach, and the LNWR van, using the loading/unloading line in Toddington Station car park. The disabled entry doors in BSO 9000 will now be adjacent to those for SO 4790, which will make it easier for the train and station staff when using the wheelchair ramps, The two Winchcombe based vehicles are swapping platform bays but as they both only open on one side had to be turned. Sorry no photos of this.

Another very large number in again, which included our hard-pressed maintenance team trying to catch up after losing a week to the bad weather.

Probably the most important job for John Appleton's team was the buckeye exam for the Maroon rake, a mandatory job originally planned for the previous week. This is a lengthy process involving splitting the rake bit by bit to enable access and servicing. It was completed successfully.

Meanwhile more from the team, Richard's Budd and Bates, were in RMB 1808 in the 3rd rake servicing the electrics.

Another very important job for today was giving TSO 4614 a "shakedown" run up and down the yard. John Hamer watches as Phil in the 03 runs past for a second time. After this it was back in the Barn to recheck all the riding level measurements. 4614 was then put into the Maroon rake, making this the second one with 8 coaches. John rode on 4614 when the rake was taken up to Toddington and later stated, bar a minor axlebox sqeak, how well it had run, the reward for all the hard work put in on the bogie refurbishment. All axleboxes were cold to the touch when checked after arrival.


Back in the Paintshop (which is anything but at the moment), Richard Bates was checking the electrics for SO 4798.

Tony Baker (and Pat) were inside 4798 repairing window frame seals.

Otherwise it was continuing the outside bodywork preparation with more filling, sanding, and everything possible to get the coach ready for painting a.s.a.p. We had another good number on this, with Cheryl,

Phil Jones, Sue and Martin Yemm, Tony Barnard, Jeff and myself all involved during the course of the day. The Cotswold side is almost ready for the Caulfield Family team on Saturday.


Rob sorted out the door thresholds which needed a good clean out before packing and filling. Each was completed with a test of the door shutting - all were satisfactory.
Phil Salter was checking all the internal lights.
Moving across to the LMS guards van with the last of the footboard lifters, which allows access to the axle box, now fitted by Derek.
Steve Barnfield kindly prepared the boarding and supports necessary for Derek to build the remaining three doors.
After doing a late bit of varnishing in TSO 4614 for Paul Wood, Bob Keyte returned to the van cabin for some more top coating.
Bryan and Rob were reclaiming the ironware from the old battery box from BSK 34929/TSO 4986?
During the Maroon rake buckeye exams, hoses were also checked. This steam heating hose needed a new seal - Bryan digs out the remains of the old one.
At the south end of TSO 4986, Ken was adding more new panelling.

At the north end Rex was removing more wasted metalwork.
Just Paul Ellis in today to work on the china clay wagon, here cleaning up the locking pegs for the north end swing door.

Report by Dave Clark



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