Friday, 30 March 2018

Thursday - Time to refocus

Another large attendance with 26 signed in, so as can be imagined, there was a lot done.

Starting with our two goods vehicle projects, Derek attached another of the new doors to the LMS guards van.

Bob continues the top coating into Freight Brown (Bauxite).

Another fine array of top coated parts for the china clay wagon.

The number of items in the Paintshop is now quite considerable, much of it for other departments. After giving the Broadway bench its fourth coating of Sadolin (hopefully that's it!), Alex moves on to undercoat the new insert for the grey van door that is currently under repair.

We had quite a tidy up in the Workshop with the seats from BSK 34929 now transferred to a better storage, and plenty of subsequent rearranging. Paul sorts out the table holding the filler, spreaders, etc.

There's quite a push now to get on with TSO 4986 as it has definitely overtaken BSK 34929. Working along the Cotswold side Rob is using the air riveter to tighten the outer and inner plates. He later went round with the filler.

Working in the central doorway Bryan uses the heavy angle grinder to remove a strip of corroded metal from the right hand side.

 More metal removal by Gerry at the north end.


On the Malvern side Rex carefully lifts one of the capping strips off the north end door frame.

Ken prepares the south end ready for refitting the corridor connection woods

The base of the Cotswold side, north end door frame prior to Nick and Rex dealing with it. At close of play the new section was welded in and coated in oxide.

Nick cutting another section of sheet metal, this time for a roof repair at the south end.


Assisted by Rob and with the glass removed and safely stored, John removes the rubber seal. All the window seals will be replaced. Extravagant? Not when the old seals are perished.

Moving inside the coach, at the south end Steve Barnfield continues the rebuild of the vestibule floor. The main floor support timbers going in.

In the north end compartment Steve Smith fits another of the new LED strips.

Also there, Pat was silvering the radiator covers.


While Tony was priming the internal framing for this particular window.

After digging out rotten bits of door frame on DMU 51405, we started an overall hand sanding keeping Rob Wells and Cheryl very busy.

Malcolm continued the clean-up and priming on the Malvern side of the roof.

We knew that the Cotswold south area was bad judging by the bodyside holes and amount of rotten door framing. Removal of some of the interior panelling amply confirmed this. There will be a lot to do on this DMU car before it rejoins the main set.

Ken prepares the south end ready for refitting the corridor connection woods.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Still 'All hands to the pumps', as it were! It's a bit like painting the forth bridge isn't it? You really do put the hours in. Well done and thanks to you all.
Regards, Paul.