Friday, 2 March 2018

Thursday - Snow what Snow

Well enough to keep the travellers at home but the six more local members still made it in.
Pat, Richard, John Hamer, Jerry, Derek and Nick.
Now I am guessing here, there was a big focus on 4798 newly shunted in because that's the most urgent job at the moment but the paintshop is the warmest place around the works....


and John Hamer  all working on the initial prep work

and Derek continuing the fitting of the running board on the LMS Brake Van

In the main workshop work is now starting on the north end of 4986, the green TSO. This is a carriage new to us and one that had been stored for some time before and since it arrived.

We have done a lot of work on the south end already. Now the first job in this end, as always, is to check out the condition of the bottom end of the crash pillars..... What crash pillars?

Gerry and Nick exposed the base plate and what should be the bottom of the pillars.  So its the usual replacement of plate and pillar base. In the mean time a jack has been put in place to ensure the upper section stays in place.

Jerry also checked out the adjacent door pillar

If you follow the S&T blog you will know that the point and signal rodding has to be very precise in length at times. So its not unusual for Malcolm (S&T Manager) to pop in with a rod and a length noted on a tag. Then its over to Nick to cut and shut the rod to the desired length keeping the end eyes all in perfect alignment.

To maintain the alignment and keep the rod straight it gets clamped into a length of angle iron before Nick sets about a very deep weld. When it was done it was back to Malcolm so no doubt it will show up again on the S&T blog very soon.

and thanks to Nick for all of the pictures today.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Well done indeed, in this weather VERY well done !
Regards, Paul.