Friday, 16 March 2018

Thursday - And the pressure is still on

Another busy Thursday with still much going on in preparation for the new season.

Quite a group on the 3rd rake today. Unfortunately I didn't manage to photograph everybody involved. Inevitably Paul would be on board with the general cleaning, here in RBr 1808. Dennis was also making a number of checks within the rake.

Also cleaning was Roger and judging by the upholstery this was in SK 25743. It was great to see him back after being away since before Christmas.

Alan was also back in and repairing one of the windowsills in the same coach. I missed Pat who was returning to the Works having re-varnished some of the window frames.

Tony was repairing some of the luggage rack netting

Peter Holt and Ted Ellis, part of our Maintenance Gang, uncovered several leaks at the north end of FK 13337 "Gillian". We could well do without these with the new season fast approaching.


The delights of maintenance as Peter uncovers a leak in a toilet filler connection.

Leaving the 3rd Rake, I did manage to catch some of the shunting following the recent vehicle turning at Toddington. John emerges from the rake having coupled the LNWR van. This was then placed in its new home in Platform 1 Bay ready for the Friends of Winchcombe Station, who would be in the Friday. The Fruit C van was later left in the yard as this requires some repair work when we can find space in the Works

In the Workshop, Nick has done an excellent job repairing the leaking pipe from under RBr 1672 in the main rake.

Nick also worked with Rex on the rebuild of the main structure at the north end of TSO 4986. With the new section of base plate in place, Rex checks the fitting of a newly cut piece of crash pillar, prior to Nick welding this in place.

The impressive rebuilding well underway by the end of the day.

At the south end Ken Austin was continuing the replacement of the sheet metal

Earlier in the day Gerry had been removing corroded panelling from around the upper part of the corridor entrance at the north end.

While on the Cotswold side Rob was reaming out some of the old riveting, some of which turned out to be hardened self tapping screws which took quite a bit of effort to remove.

The china clay van progresses with Paul Ellis painting the north end frame that he had recently cleaned up.

Two of the new doors built by Derek for the LMS guards van. Just to recap, we have to fit doors to the van if we are to use this to give rides to our Gala visitors - the simple hook-on rail as fitted would prevent this being allowed

It is still very much all go-go-go with SO 4798's quick patch-up. Martin and Phil top coat the lower panels on the Malvern side.

While on the Cotswold side Malcolm was busy top coating the reachable side of the roof. Yes, I know, it will end up with the middle section in its original faded black (at the moment it's pink from all the sanding!), but we are currently unable to use our high wire (as it's out of ticket) and, after all, this is meant to be just a quick job!


Dave Hancox tapes up one of the ends to enable the black glossing to be completed now that the Cotswold side main painting is finished.

Bob began the lining out on the Cotswold side.


Not forgetting the lamp brackets. There is still some way to go but "overtime" has been arranged for Monday with 6 of us in, and with our usual Tue/Wed/Thur working days to follow, and even the Friday if necessary, we should be ready to shunt the coach out on Saturday 24th.

Meanwhile on the third day of the Cheltenham Festival our volunteers on the two race trains are also working hard keeping all the race goers happy.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

The third rake is coming along swingingly - No, better not mention swingers in connection with coaching stock - That might tempt fate! Let's suffice it to say 'very well' instead!
(Swingers are railway terms for none braked coaching stock on a train, locked out of use for passengers, until they can be repaired.)
Regards, Paul.