Sunday, 18 March 2018

Saturday - Er what happened?

A rather shorter report than usual Dave and I were both attending the Heads of Department meeting in the morning followed by a review of our sections of the recent ROGS (Railway and Other Guided System regulations) audit with the Chairman.

This doesn't stop C&W and they seem to do very well without us! George, back from uni started on the snagging round 4798. He was dealing with the little bits that got missed round window edges.

Someone will still need to do the wind deflectors, here still in undercoat. However, martin has made a great start on the lining out with the top pair of lines complete on the Cotswold side.

There is no time to really do anything on the interior other that a good clean round and polish which was well into.

James was progressing the welding on the top corner of the south end of 4986. These corners get tricky as you have to also remember the positioning of the emergency apparatus which fits here.

Keeping out of each others way Steve headed to the north end and started on reconstruction of the vestibule floor. The welding isn't finished here but the wood sections are easy to remove for that to happen during the week.

Out in the barn the corridor connection having come off 4986 during the week is already subject to a full overhaul with the U section of the structure cleaned and re painted in red oxide.

While Dave Dron stuck to the removal of old moquette from arm rests and seats

the rest of the team seem to have been having another excursion to Broadway in the form of seat pads for the second bench. The bench has been stained but now awaits varnish I believe.. All very nicely padded for the booking hall.

How the other half live. well not quiet as this isn't a bench seat but the end planking from the China Clay Wagon having been top coated today in the paintshop. Richard was also busy doing a number of other section the planking and fitting around the wagon itself in the workshop.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4798 is coming along nicely, as is 4986.
The china clay wagon will be a sight to see when finished.
Hope the weather gets back to normal for Spring soon.
Regards, Paul.