Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Saturday - rebuilding and repainting

The pre-season preparations continue apace, with the deadlines of the Race Specials and Broadway opening getting ever closer.

Beginning today with the china clay wagon, Richard Stone trial fits one of the peg plates (for the north end swinging door) in the new body side timbers.

Paul cleaned off all the old paint from the north end structure. The degree of attention that Richard and Paul have put into both this wagon and the preceding van rebuilds has been remarkable.

Derek continued his rebuild of the LMS guards van (not pictured), while Clive carried on with more undercoating.

Pam was in today and with guidance from James  began repairs to one of the door skins from BSK 34929.


The rush to get SO 4798 ready for the Broadway weekend continues. Andy went round checking the doors. We already know that the Cotswold side centre door has to be locked out of use (until it can be fully repaired when the coach eventually comes in for a full refurb), but this one has a handle that occasionally sticks.

At the north end corridor connection Alan adds fibre filler to another hole.

The Caulfield team, Tony and Alex, were back and got well stuck in with undercoating the Cotswold side (don't blink or you'll miss it - Peter). As someone remarked, at this stage looking as though it is going into Carmine & Cream.

On the Malvern side, some filling and sanding work remained but was soon cleared up by Ainsley, George and myself. It was then a case of a general clean up and wipe down with thinners, before adding the lining tape. The bottom line had to be remarked by George, using Rod Wells' excellent lining out gauge, as it had been almost obliterated by filling and sanding.

Andy removes the old transfers from both ends. Although this is a quick paint job, the coach will still have a new set of transfers.

The loose electrical connection at the south end was replaced by Phil.

At the end of the day, sanity returns with the Cotswold side undercoating completed (you blinked didn't you! - Peter). Still some way to go, but at last the repaint has been started.
At the north end of TSO 4986 Ken was having a battle dismantling the corridor connection.

At the opposite end James continued the rebuild of the sheet metalwork.
As John Cleese would have uttered, "And now for something completely different". Regular readers will know that, when we can, we tackle quite a number of additional jobs to help out the Railway. This one will be the almost complete rebuild of a GWR platform trolley from Evesham Station. The spare wheel sets may even enable us to make two!
 John Squires was busy checking out more of the facilities available with our new milling and drilling machine.
And the reward for all our hard work? Well, you might have guessed it would be food related! (its birthday season at C&W it lasts for most of March - I wasn't in as I hit 21 again this time in Celsius - Peter).

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

I've heard of quick turn around time, but that IS quick!
Needs must.
The platform barrow is a hard kit of parts to put back together, AND adjust (so as the handle can be pulled by persons other than no taller than 4 feet high!).
Well done to all.
Regards, Paul.