Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Monday - overtime

Many thanks to Richard J, Cheryl, Keith, Ainsley and Adrian for doing this extra day to get more done on SO 4798. It was very successful and has certainly gone a long way towards getting the coach ready in time for the shunt this coming Saturday.

Triple effort with Cheryl. Adrian and Keith on the Cotswold side with the lower yellow line well underway.

On the Malvern side Ainsley is taping up the upper line on the south end. Later joined by Richard, Keith and Adrian, all yellow lining out was completed. Other painting jobs included more window frame edges, slider draft excluders on the Cotswold side, completing the black glossing on the north end, beginning the door black work, and silvering the chequer plates in the corridor connections.

Repair jobs done by Richard included the removal of two footboards in preparation for fitting two new ones, and here attaching a new block for the buffer expander.

The transfers are going on. Another day will hopefully see the black lining out completed and more black glossing done around the coach.

W51405 - the north end of the green DMU set has been brought down from Toddington and is next into the Paintshop for a full refurbishment.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4798 IS a fast turn around! Well done on the same great standards.
Is the DMU DMS a fast turn around as well?, or is it more 'not so breakneck' pace?
Well done to all.
Regards, Paul.