Monday, 26 March 2018

8 days a week!

Well it certainly has seemed like that this last week. There has been people in the works for the  last 6 days!

Thursday/Friday             Reorganising

The title covers several aspects of C&W over the last few days. The first which started on Thursday was the reorganisation of the Paintshop, and as such not many photos were taken. The second involved the three rakes.

A very busy time with the 3rd Rake on Thursday with initially the buckeye coupling exams, hence the rake split up to allow access and checking. The rake was later reorganised to reinsert RMB 1808 in its usual place as well as providing a rough match with the planned make-up of the two main rakes.

Thank you to Stu Hamilton (in our Maintenance Gang) for this photo of what looks like a heated argument. Thankfully it was a discussion on reorganising the 3rd Rake.

Working at the south end of green TSO 4986 was Ken with more of the rebuild. Not photographed at the north end, Rex and Gerry took down the vestibule ceiling to allow welding to be able to done safely.

Paul cleans up and coats in oxide more parts from the china clay wagon.


In the Paintshop Dave Hancox, and Sue and Martin Yemm cleaned the windows on the Malvern side of SO 4798. While all this was going on, David Ayres and I spent most of the day reorganising the Paintshop layout. It gave us an opportunity to have a good clear out.

Moving on to Friday with Alex and Dave on "overtime" (Alex had returned from Sheffield the day before for the Easter holidays). While Dave spent the day completing the reorganisation and tidying up, Alex spent his day mainly on 4798. Some bits of detailed touching up

and replacing "refurbishment" with "repainted" and the adjusting the date.

The next job was to re-stain and re-varnish the door backs, and what a difference this makes.

With the re-organisation and clear up completed, the final job of the day was adding a second coat of Sadolin to the second Broadway bench.

On to Saturday and it was more re-organisation with the 4798 shunted out to the jack road for bogie and brake checks.

in came the North end car from the DMU  51405.which was soon the subject of assessments for restoration. The first checks are the window corners, doors and door pillars. With all these doors it may take a while.

Or maybe not tAlex checking the door pillar for the second door

what door pillar? oh this one!

Steve was staying well clear working on 4986. Another new vestibule floor. The catch with the welding repairs is that we always then have to build new floors afterwards. Or I should say Steve does.

Another job for B&S, as Andy drills out the holes on some mount plates being used for the fencing near the Tim Mitchell building. Some old plates but larger bolts so larger bolts are being used so larger holes are needed.

The upholsterers continued remaking thee seats of seats for 4986

until a diversion was introduced with the need to recover some seats for 4798 that we have just repainted.So there was an excursion out to the storage vans to find some we can use to do up ready for a rolling replacement of the one in the carriage.
The old seats are somewhat worn out.

2 more of the seats for the offices at Toddington await transfer.

Richard and Paul continued their work on the China Clay wagon all be it interrupted by the shunt. A trial fit of some of the planking for the north end.

the another clean up and coat of paint for one of the flap doors locking bars.

Richard J and Kevin refurbished a vacuum cylinder. replacing one of the rolling rings that create the vacuum seal

Earlier while the shunt was in progress Kevin did some more reorganising of some of our spares. and came across these heating bar grills. We thought we had used all the spares we had. Happy days some more spares that can be restored for use in the BSK when we get that far with it.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Quite a rebuild on the DMU DMS with the rotten pillar.
All else is looking great. Just going to show that; 'If you throw enough people or man-hours' at a job, it will get done. (changed the wording slightly).
Regards, Paul.

Woodster said...

Photo 2 Oh NO it wasn’t