Thursday, 1 February 2018

Wednesday - getting close to finishing another one.

25 volunteers in again today which enabled a wide range of things to be done. While the bodywork and interior of 4614 are getting close to being completed there is still a wide range of things to be done.

With the days counting down to the start of the running season and the race trains, our first priorities, It was good to see so many things reaching completion. This is the last of the heating pipe covers for 4614. John Varley added the all important but never seen fixing hinges and later a coat of Silver Hammerite was applied. So it is be ready to fix completing the set.

Paul fitted the locking bolt to the Cotswold side double doors. It needed a little spacer to get the alignment right and then we made a small rub plate for the top of the bolt. That's another door fitting completed.

It was then straight on to the Malvern side double doors to mount the second door of the pair. this time with the panel in place. Now with the panel marked up for length it will be removed for cutting and the 'foot' to be fitted. The lock mechanism is rather tight so a minor adjustment has to be made then its job done here as well and over to the painters for the door lining out to be done.

Craig was fitting retaining straps to door 4 with Derrick and also applying the draught strip elsewhere.

On the inside the upholstery team completed the fitting of the seat backs and side panels. Most of the carriage is ready for floor sealing. However, that will have to wait for some final bits of fitting out in the disabled area the tables need special mounts.


and here are the tables all be it upside down while the varnish dries. The 'spike' of the foot of each table needs a location plate in the floor.

This is, I think, the last of the tables for the carriage and a repair was also completed for a table in the running set being done as part of the winter maintenance. program.

After all that you feel in need of a sit down. However, you will have to wait for this the second bench for Broadway to be restored. The other end has already had this treatment.

Looking further ahead the BSK, the official brake for the third rake, is undergoing some major work. Todays wrecking crew of Bryan and Gerry removed the 2 window in the south end.

while Rex was preparing the corridor connection hoop for the green TSO. By preparing i mean drilling about 40 holes round the edge. The two long straight sections are completely new and the holes 4" apart are used to clamp the corridors flexible rubber section in place.

With John Hamer back from holidays he removed this steam valve from a carriage in the yard. It really needs to be done on the jacks but at present we need to sort out which carriage can be parked out side while we get back to the all important bogie and brake set up and tests needed during the close season. What was that we need another workshop?

Removing the wagons won't help of course as they are very much shorter than a carriage. The workshops very conveniently take a carriage and a wagon each. Today the painters were focussed on the running boards for the LMS van, some protective painting on the BCK 21092 and some sanding and filling on the BSK 34929

During the day the contractors were in fitting the goods shed doors to the Tim Mitchell building.
By the time I left the security light was all that was left to illuminate the scene. The doors will need several coats of paint to complete them.


St Blazey 1925 said...

I DO like the varnished double doors on 4614. They have turned out far better than I had envisaged. Me. I would have just varnished the horizontal wood on the doors - and got a much inferior finish to yours. Well done all who have worked on 4614. The BSK is having the same treatment in the former luggage area, I assume. Great work! Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

At least 4 layers of varnish. As you guessed, The BSK is getting roughly the same treatment as 4614’s disabled area.

HowardGWR said...

Just a 'thanks' for the answer to my query on end pillar renewal /repair a couple of blogs ago. I am sure your work will last for decades, but as you say, a covered environment will ensure that. By 2060, the GWSR will have reached Long Marston and you'll have loads of room for an entire works!

Alex said...

Assuming they haven't built houses there by then of course...