Thursday, 15 February 2018

Wednesday - Standing room only

Yes, it was back to that in our mess Room today, with another very large attendance. With a meeting in the office and spending time in the rakes outside, I didn't get around to photographing everyone, so apologies to those missed.

Starting off with Craig, head of our Door Team, checking his records for TSO 4614. This lists the various aspects for each door and is essential to ensure nothing is left undone.

Derrick secures the back panelling on one of the doors.

Mike and Paul attach the locking bar on the Malvern side double doors.

Rod did a number of very useful catch-up jobs around the coach, including a bit more lining out.

Just outside the coach, Graham was giving the pipe vice another coat of blue. This is now ready for use in the Workshop.

In the Barn Rex was removing more badly corroded metal above the corridor entrance on TSO 4986.

Davey was back on the roof of 4986 removing more of the peeling paint. By the time I photographed him he had had enough - the balaclava says it all, it was very cold on that roof!

Also braving the cold were Trevor (pictured) and David, doing more filling and sanding on the Malvern side of BCK 21092. We need to crack on with this coach. Destined to be next in the Paintshop, it has to join our 3rd rake at the end of Match regardless!


Always willing to help other parts of the Railway, John and Jenny tackle another of the seats from our Admin team at Toddington. Jenny hovers with the staple gun while John carefully folds the moquette.

Two chairs completed and looking very nice. Another batch are due to be brought down to us to complete the job.
Penny sews up another section of the red chain-link moquette for a seat from TSO 4986.
Dave prepares the seat base with some new ply-board.
I never get tired of watching the electric carving knife in action. It really does make a fantastic job of cutting foam.
Bryan was undercoating the new ceiling in the disabled compartment of BSK 35308 in the Maroon rake. The remaining part of the ceiling will be cleaned with sugar soap, and the whole lot given a coat of white gloss.

Des was working on the new counter for the central car of the green DMU. Undercoating in cream has been started.
Ainsley was back with the Wartime Weekend preparations and another sign, while John Varley (not photographed) was in the Workshop making more "bombs" from old fire extinguishers. This very popular event is becoming more and more elaborate as each year passes, with a huge amount of effort being put in by all the volunteers involved.
Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

I must say that I am very much a fan of the new chain link moquette, to such extent that I would recommend it for all total seat refits for the future.
The ceiling on 35308 is looking very splendid.
Excellent work.
Regards, Paul.