Thursday, 8 February 2018

Wednesday - Last Doors!

Another day with a large attendance which is something to be very thankful for with so many finishing off jobs to be done.

Derrick was sorting out the door carriage locking plate on this door of 4614 which wouldn't engage properly. This is the actual lock not the passenger lock for shutting the door, that one works fine!

On the other sie door 3 was finally remounted on the carriage. The last door is on.

It just needed Craig to fit all the hinge pins and nuts. if you look carefully you will see the top panel is missing that was finished during the day and the varnish is drying.

On the interior Des was removing some masking tape while he waited for the under rail of this shelf to dry.

He also put another coat of varnish on the underside of the 4 removable tables.

Starting on the bogie checks for the carriage John Hamer was looking at the brake rigging. The carriage is due to move from the paintshop to the barn for the bogie work very soon.

Another job to be completed before the running season starts! a server unit is under construction to fit in the DMU centre car. Eddie has already made several bits already we just need the carriage down from Toddington.

Another section glued, pinned and clamped up

Geoff was making a notice board for Broadway. A very late request from the station staff who have only just got to see what they will have to work with when the station opens..

Late in the day it was already over to Des to start sealing and painting the board while in the background Ainsley was working on a notice for the war week end.

More running boards and planking for the LMS van were out for sealing and
 priming today Trevor took on the job

while Dave was dealing with the Malvern side hand rails.


The upholstery team again on there own time scales and plans were working on another set of seats.
Dave on his usual battle of staple removal.

John Hill was doing more work on the seats for one of the diesels.

while Jenny was using the electric carving knife to trim some more foam to shape.

If ever a tool was designed for the wrong job the electric carving knife is it. However, the knife is perfect for cutting foam!

Dave Ward was completing a parts box for the loco department. The rake of tubes fits neatly in the box and will ensure the parts stored in it are all kept in there proper place.


There was a 'hand' shunt in the yard today. This bogie needed relocating. while the yard siding are in general flat there is one little rise that you only find when pushing 6 or 7 tons of bogie with man
power alone.

as we went one way P'Way were heading of in the other direction. The sunshine was deceptive it was still VERY cold.
Other jobs going included Davy cleaning of more of the roof on the green TS, a bogie adjustment
and this plate cutting and welding by Rex and Nick. A first step in the modifications of the BSK. One set of double door are being removed from each side of the carriage. So here they have filled the base plate on both sides where the doors used to be.


Woodster said...

Jenny authorised for carving the joint now!

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Paul don't argue with a woman with a knife in her hand!
The work you are doing is exceptional, such high standards for volunteers. Thanks for your efforts, this is one reason the GWSR is so well liked, we are looking forward to the open season to get our "fix" and Marion wants another ride in one of the first class sections, she says they are so comfortable!(that will be another cash donation on the day, but well worth it!) Again, great work every one especially in this cold spell!
Paul & Marion

St Blazey 1925 said...

All exceptional efforts by you all.
Please tell Dave that the items for the parts box will only stay in the right compartment if they are put in correct ones to start with ! Also a Psychologist might say, 'Do the items really want to get in the box?'!
Sorry, I couldn't resist that.
Regards, Paul.

Iver Driver said...

Glad to see that an Electric carving knife has some use - as they were hopeless at their original task!! Keep up the great work (and great Blog)!