Thursday, 8 February 2018

Tuesday - Little jobs galore

A very busy day with quite a range of small jobs to do.

The middle door on the Cotswold side of TSO 4614 still didn't look right with some off-vertical painting, so for Cheryl it was another light sand down and further top coating. A much better result and we can now get the lining out started on Thursday.


Argh, who painted the charging sockets and fuse box cover of 4614 in black? Stu quickly corrects this with two coats of red top coat.

In fact Stu was once again bouncing from one job to the next. Firstly the corridor connection woods in  black gloss.

Now the table supports in silver Hammerite, as someone remarked, looking a bit like a xylophone!

Then there were the light fittings. Firstly a clean up with wire wool, and then undercoat white in the cups.

Maurice started off with priming the new hardboard ceiling sections to go up in the disabled compartment in BSK 35308. With the special primer drying so quickly, he was soon able to give each an undercoat.


More good progress on the LMS guards van today, with Adrian cleaning up, priming and undercoating more of the handrails.

Dennis coats more of the foot boarding with preservative. These will now be ready for priming.

- Later Dennis and Tony undercoated the foot boarding on both sides of the van.


Another job for them both was sanding down and adding preservative to the latest batch of planking for the china clay wagon. these are now ready for priming.


With the hydraulic spring clamp tightly on the south end bogie under TSO 4763, John tightens up one of the vertical springs.
Also out in the cold Barn was Bob, cleaning off more of the roof of TSO 4986.
It looks nice, but a 15 minute wander around the yard looking for a specific ladder soon changed my mind. It was bitterly cold, making the Barn seem relatively warm!
The new road in the yard now well on the way to completion, with the contractors using their motorised roller to level off the poured concrete.
Remember that "xylophone"? Stu in a mad moment!
 Oops! Sorry Stu we only need 8. They are the table mounts for the removable tables.  We had trouble finding them and ended up getting more from the 'stores' than we needed.
Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

4614 is looking very smart. Roll on that covered stage shed to keep the rakes in this 'as finished' condition.
The LMS brake van is looking the part now too. did you know that BR added grit to the paint for the footboards to give extra grip?
Ad Stu's comment for getting him to prep. more table supports than needed?
How about 'Any tune you like for a penny'. Hopefully we all know what a penny is/was!
Regards Paul.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Oh St Blazey, you were rich, I remember the farthing! I still have one with a robin on one side!!! When I worked a BR site years ago they put sand in the paint to aid foot grip on the boards and also angled the outer edges up so rain water would run off the boards and would not stand in puddles that could be frozen causing a slip hazard. Seems a common thing they did then.
Paul & Marion