Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tuesday - Finishing off

 Back to the usual Tuesday number attending this week with 12 in.
Very much finishing touches now with TSO 4614 with respect to painting and cleaning up. Richard cleans the final window (however must check the door droplights - as they are often left open, they are easy to miss!).
Stu was back in zoom mode finishing off bits of painting and varnishing on the backs of the doors. 

In the Workshop Adrian was sanding down the next set of heavy planking for the china clay wagon, prior to coating them with preservative.

While Keith primes a previous set ready for undercoating.

In the Barn, Dennis, Stu, and Bob Slater and John (both out of sight) were tackling more of the Malvern side of BCK 21092. More filling and general sanding, especially the existing lining out where the large lower line will be replaced by the narrower version as the coach will be going into chocolate and cream.

Bob Mac was back on the roof of TSO 4986 removing more of the flaking paint.

The various parts of the new counter for the green DMU were being finished off as far as possible with Stu in action again. The reverse sides of his panel and the large one at the front require top coat; the latter also some varnish on the border.


The DMU centre car W59510 now in Platform 1 ready for Richard and I to begin clearing the counter area.

With the seats removed, Richard begins removing the overhead racks - we don't want anyone banging their heads on those!


Ainsley had his wartime "hat" back on with another oil drum to paint, this time going into green.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4614 just gets better. Also the BCK and chin clay wagon.
The centre car of the DMU has my interest, as I worked with those most of all on BR.
Regards, Paul.