Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Tuesday - Few Day

Having done a workday swap with Dave I was starting to feel abandoned with only 3 of in! However, the number did climb to 7 in total for the day. The weather and the bitty nature of the painting work left to do and it being half term may well have put other off.

However, those of in did get through a lot of finishing off jobs. The last bit of lining out on the Cotswold side doors . Just painting and awaiting the removal of the tape. We remove the tape quite soon after painting before it sticks to firmly to the top coat of the adjoining paintwork.

The recently donated pipe bench has a top coat of DMU blue

and more planks of the China Clay wagon were painted 'Freight Brown'. The other side will hopefully get done on Wednesday....... if anybody checks the other side!

The cabinets for the DMU server were both primed.

The Broadway Station notice boards were undercoated

and John started on the process of checking the brakes of 21092. This has an uncompensated brake rigging. Consequently there is no adjustment to ensure all 16 brake blocks come in to contact with the wheels together.  If the rigging is slightly out it leads to the bent brake riggers we saw last Saturday.

The only adjustment available is really to fit blocks with different levels of wear, not ideal but it works most of the time. Its just a lot of fiddling around to work out which thickness if block you need were.

The process is somewhat eased by the use of our little vacuum pump which allows a lot of charging and discharging of the brakes without the need to get the diesel shunter or a loco involved.

It also helped reveal the need to change the Malvern side vacuum cylinder.


HowardGWR said...

I've sat and stared at the 'pipe bench' for some time, but I still have no idea what it is or is for? Could you kindly explain please?

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

It is used to clamp /hold pipes whilst they are cut or threaded, usually galvanised steel pipes. Some models can also have curved plates to put bends into the pipes without the tube collapsing.
Back to the blog, 3 rising to 7! is this a code? Seriously though surprised you came in with the cold weather and it being half term, well done though, again thanks for the efforts
Paul & Marion

Gary Walker said...

Would "pipe vice " be a more accurate description? That is what I have known tem as for 30 plus years.