Friday, 9 February 2018

Thursday - So not a TSO then

Beginning with TTO 4614, yes "TTO", not "TSO"! About 1956 the "Third" became "Second". Phil Salter reattaches the refurbished electrical connectors.

The south compartment now has its third coating of floor sealant. And the note? Yep, he means it!

Jeff's first job was to fill around the new lock on the Malvern side double doors. This was later painted up.


With the extra top coating completed on the Cotswold side centre door, Richard Hoy cracks on with the lining out.

 Back to Jeff who was cleaning more of the windows. With time slipping away and the coach due in the Barn in 2 weeks time, we need to keep the pace up.

In the Workshop Rob Cory was sanding the old varnish off one of the large sliding doors (not sure which coach this is from - probably the BSK).

Paul Ellis was painting more parts from the china clay wagon.


Derek's progress on the LMS guards van has been very good. Here he is measuring up prior to sorting out one of the little "drawbridge" sections of the foot boarding.

During the morning the two main rakes were swapped over to enable cleaning and other attention on the opposite sides. This also enabled one of the maroon coaches to be extracted to sort out a steam leak. Wish we had time to paint the 03, but just too many pre-season things to sort out before that can happen.

With the exchange completed, Malcolm now begins the roof paint repairs on the Cotswold side of the Maroon rake.

Inside the disabled compartment of BSK 35308, Gerry (pictured) and Bryan were working on the new ceiling panels.

Then over to Platform two to find Paul Wood and Dennis cleaning the Malvern side of the Choc & Cream rake.

For Tony and Pat it was back to repairing toilet window frames. Alan was away today, but all three have done a really brilliant job with all this very essential work.
In the Barn Rex cleans up the rusted metal on the south end of TSO 4986 to see what state it is in.
Yuk, what's this? A 1980's toilet compartment upgrade I believe and definitely not something we want in our 50s/60s coaches.
 So both were extracted by Rex and confined to the skip (after removal of the lights of course).

Phil Jones was back to roof work, this time carrying on from Bob Mac and Davy on 4986, cleaning off more loose paint and then coating in etch primer.

Another shunt to extract TSO 4763 from the Barn jack road after its bogie change. This recent quickie refurb will be in the main rake and ready for its Race Special passengers in March.
BSK 21092 is now back on the jack road. John carefully inspects the north end bogie.
Once again braving the cold Rob Wells has more or less completed the sanding and coating of red oxide on SK 24006. The northeast corner has been well and truly sealed up against further water ingress. Dave Hancox was clearing out more of the interior.
Just over a week ago we received a very kind donation of tools which included a pipe bender. With John Squires' declaration that this is better than the one we already have, we set to and cleaned it up. Richard applies a coating of red oxide. The base boards have been extracted and are being painted separately.
Report by Dave Clark


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St Blazey 1925 said...

TTO ?, I had to check the calendar to see if it was April 1st ! Maybe I would have classified it 'DTO' (Disabled Third Open).
The running rakes are having a lot of attention, I see, and are looking in a very good external condition. (Well done the cleaning and painting teams).
Will there ever be a time where you can just stand back and watch the trains go by ? - Unfortunately, due to environmental weather conditions, that is not going to happen any time soon !
Therefore there's nothing for it but to soldier on. (You do it so well!)
Regards to you all, Paul.