Saturday, 17 February 2018

Thursday - out and about

The sun shines and even C&W venture out. Hats were still the order of the day but not the tin hats Ainsley's notice refers too. Another sign for the war week-end.

Richard Bates and out of picture Richard Budd were busy replacing a damaged charging cable under one of the operational carriages.

After which it was on to replacing a dynamo First get the old one off

Then rehang the replacement. Easy to say until you try and lift one of these things. Without the pallet jack its not going to happen. The only things that is not designed to operate out in the yard on ballast, thus some boarding was also needed.

Rob Cory and Richard Johnson were making adjustments to the RCS container. (Railway Catering Services formally known as OTC On train catering but they also look after the station cafes)

Then Richard was onto oiling the buffers and the buckeye couplings. Keeping everything running smoothly. Well what else would you expect the chairman to do? Well Ok, he did also have a meeting about Broadway.


Enjoying the sunshine Paul and Dennis washing the Maroon rake and Malcolm doing some patch repairs to the roof paint.

Gerry and Bryan return to base after successfully completing the ceiling replacement in the disabled area of the Maroon rake.

Steve trimming the door edges in the entrance vestibule of 4614. Paul has completed the sealing of the north end saloon so hopefully seats and tables in on Saturday.

Derek was busy making and fitting the small running board flaps. These bridge the gap past the axlebox covers on the LMS brake van. They fold out of the way to service the axleboxes.

On the inside of the brake van Bob was top coating the north end

The rodding that links the 2 sides of the carriage for the communication cord goes through a series of guide brackets that mount the rodding on the carriage, or they should. here Ken is 'persuading' one to do so. It needed a bit of adjustment to get a free movement for easy operation.

More door draught strip was being replaced so out came the big bag with the roll inside

The DMU servery was given an undercoat by Richard Hoy.

NIck and Rex have started the rebuilding of the carriage frame work on the BSK this one of the structural verticals, braced in position while Nick sets about the welding.

Earlier a little aside on behalf of the drainage team. The hole digging scoops as supplied just don't have the structural strength to cope with the Cotswold marl. So this is a mod we have done for them before. An extra strengthening bar across top edge of the jaw and the drainage team were soon back in action.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Maids of all work! Yes, time is a tickin', the running season approaches with speed. Great to see 4614 so close to completion.
Also the LMS brake van.
And the green coach gets some TLC too.
Regards, Paul.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Talk about turning your hand to anything. Great work there, and everyone seems to have a smile when the sun shines.
Paul & Marion