Saturday, 24 February 2018

Thursday - Exams to the fore

Another very large attendance with almost 30 signed in, which included our Maintenance team.

Starting off outside, it was buckeye exam time for the Chocolate & Cream rake. Phil (our 03 driver) and John Hamer are in discussion with John Appleton (our Head of Maintenance), while Tony Dowling checks the relevant aspects of one of the buckeyes. 

Another one done. John updates the all important record sheets. With 8 coaches in the rake, splitting each pair and examining the two intervening buckeyes, this is a lengthy job.


Job completed, with the 03 slowly pushing the rake back into Platform 2 ready for any further winter maintenance to be completed. The Maroon rake inspection is scheduled for next weekend.


Having completed the Maroon rake washing, Paul and Dennis also do the DMU centre car and then the Santa coach.

Continuing with the outside theme, a look at SK 24006 which has now been transformed into a red coach with sealed up corners. However it is now well protected until restoration can begin.


Ken Austen was welding at the south end of TSO 4986. On Saturday this coach will be swapping locations with BSK 34929 in the Workshop.

Tony and Pat were back in BSK 34929 working on internal window framing.

Now to the two goods vehicles, with Paul applying more Freight Brown top coat on the china clay wagon.

Bob adds paintable sealant to the many joints in the guards van veranda planking, prior to more top coating inside the cabin.


Seeing Bryan and Gerry walking back to the Works with sheets, etc., I went to the disabled compartment in maroon BSK 35308 to see their completed ceiling. An excellent job!

Finally, into the DMU centre car to find Jeff inside the new counter area, applying cream top coat to the new dividing panel

Phil carefully varnishes the wood surround.

Finally, having the centre coach back enables us to do any painting and other repairs. The vinyl sheet used to replace the original hasn't stuck to the ceiling very well, and with three of the panels now exposed we have decided to do what we have done with the following DMU refurbishments and paint them. Richard carefully removes the old adhesive.

Report by Dave Clark

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