Friday, 2 February 2018

Thursday - Back outside again

Another month begins with C&W as busy as ever and with all there is to do in our shutdown season, thankfully a good attendance.

It was back to cleaning for Paul and Dennis, initially finishing off the Cotswold side of the Choc&Cream rake before moving to Platform 2 to start the Malvern side of the Maroon rake. Further along Malcolm was doing some more painting repairs on the roof sides.

 Inside the disabled compartment in BSK 35308 Bryan had removed the warped ceiling panels.

Over to Platform 1 and the Choc&Cream rake to find Richard Hoy and Phil Jones cleaning the insides of the vestibules in TSO 4772. Later in the day Richard was refreshing one of the door surrounds with the Executive Light Grey paint.

The Indoor Gang were back as it was Thursday. Alan was working on another of the toilet window frames in SK 24949.

While further down in one of the compartments Rob was staining and varnishing one of the replacement sections of internal window frame, and then tidying up the vertical sections


Also outside was Rob Wells, adding further oxide to SK 24006. This is simply to prevent any further corrosion until the coach can be brought into the Works and restored.

Apologies for the blurred hurried photo. Tony quickly applies primer to any unprotected filler prior to BCK 21092 being shunted out of the Barn for a while.

Green TSO 4986 was then moved over from the jack road to enable TSO 4763 to be brought back in to have the bogies exchanged. John has a look underneath prior to raising the coach body. A double check that all the body to bogie linkages have been separated!

In the Workshop Rex prepares another section of replacement base plate for the south corridor end of TSO 4986. This was later welded in place by Nick.
Very much team effort at this end with Rex clearing more corroded top hat and Z sections of pillar,

 Rob checking the size and grinding the sections to the correct length, 

before Nick welds them in place.

Earlier in the day Rob was stripping out some final bits from within the extended disabled end of BSK 34929.
On the Malvern side Gerry took on the sanding required with the various filled patches scattered around the north end of the coach.
Tony was putting the painted sliders back into the window frames.
With the south end of the coach repaired, it was time to replace the end section of gutter. Bryan is assisted by Rob inside the coach.
Nick carefully straightens the twisted buffer bar below the drop door on the Cotswold side of the china clay wagon.
Into the Paintshop with Cheryl playing catch-up with the doors as the remaining ones are gradually going on. The Cotswold side centre door receives a second top coat,
while on the Malvern side, the right hand of the double doors receives its yellow lining out.

Finally over to the LMS brake van to see one of the metal support plates fitted for the movable foot boarding that covers each axle box.
Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

It certainly is all go at C&W! I am amazed at how many you get to turn up mid week. When I worked on the SVR, all main activities (then) took place at the weekends! (unless it was the main holiday fortnight in summer.
Well done to all of you. The standards never slip; in fact they get better and better!
Regards, Paul.

Aardvark11 said...

A lot of work going into making the carriage fleet as good as when they were first built - excellent! But why are the vehicles having the GWSR emblem applied to them rather than the proper BR roundel?

Toddingtonted said...

Because that's GWSR policy and has been for years.

Many thanks once again for an excellent update showing much of the variety of the hard work that you do. Toddington Ted.

D1013 said...

And whose is the offending footprint on the LMS Guards Van footboard, I clearly remember an instruction in and earlier blog to use the ladder?