Monday, 5 February 2018

Saturday - jobs a plenty

Another 25+ volunteers in attendance to progress work on many fronts.

We are doing the final fitting out of 4614 as far as the bodywork is concerned. Craig and Mike were working on the double door entry threshold. drilling the bolting position for the doors and working to make the locking action smooth and secure.

Then it was back to the draught exclusion.

On the interior Steve fitted the base rails for the shelf. this will need some varnish.

A new supply of garters will be available very soon if anybody dares to walk on Paul's newly washed and sealed floor. Even Paul takes his boots off for this job.

The removable tables need a secure mount point in the floor. John Osborn cut some base plates which John Squires is turning them down to make nice disks for fitting in the floor.

On another carriage in the line, the green TSO 4986, Bob Mac scrapped the roof off and applied etch primer to the first 4 sections. The MNk1 roof is made up of 24 section! Still a way to go then hopefully another member of the roof team will don the harness during the week.

At the opposite end James has started on the re-plating of the south end.

Before he could start on that he and John Squires removed the water tank pipe work to clear the end of the carriage for work the plating work to begin.
On the BSK 34929 Ken has started refitting the corridor connection. The first job is to position all the bolts needed to secure the wood section.

So of them have to be aligned with the water tank mounts on the inside. an the communication cord connections have to also be positioned. which set Ken thinking.

As we are converting the baggage area at the south end we will need to extend the cord beyond its current point by the guards area half way along the carriage.

Which after investigation meant the rest of the of the panelling in the area of the guards station has to come out. We had thought about removing anyway but now we have a reason other than cosmetic!
Andy and Ian was soon removing it.

On the China Clay Wagon Richard and Paul are progressing the re-planking. Here they have started on the Cotswold side south end. The first plank going into position.

With all the planks in position the just need cutting to the exact length. It has to be done this way as they have found that the wagon is actually slightly out of square. There is evidence of a heavy shunt at some time in the wagons past. So everything has to be made to measure.

No such problems have been found with the LMS brake van although getting everything working isn't always easy. One hinge that won't move comes in for some attention from Derek.

After various  persuasive methods have been applied the blurring of the hand in the picture is clear evidence of success.

At a more stately pace Clive continued the painting of the running boards.

The winter maintenance continued in the barn with John Hamer and Andy adjusting springs and the ride height of 4763.
That done it was soon back on its bogies and ready for a test.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Busy, Busy! Was there actually time for tea? The P Way gangs make a big thing about giving us photos of them all taking refreshments!
All going swimmingly, (sounds more like the weather forecast)!!
Regards, Paul.